Trustly makes online payments, including online casino deposits, as simple as they could possibly be, allowing users to transfer funds straight from their local bank accounts.

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Founded in 2008, Trustly Group AB is a Swedish company focused on providing simple and efficient online payment solutions using eBanking. Since its foundation, Trustly has expanded across the number of European countries, becoming one of the favorite options for paying for online goods services. The method has become very popular in the online gambling world as well, thanks to its speed, efficiency, and a high degree of safety.

Paying Straight From the Bank Balance

The main idea behind Trustly is getting rid of the "middleman" in the process of online payments. The company started with the vision of making online purchases as simple as when paying with actual cash, enabling users to pay using money straight from their bank accounts.

By setting up this system, Trustly has successfully eliminated need for e-wallets, credit or debit cards. Instead of going through this in-between step, users are given an option to use the money contained in their local bank account.

How Does Trustly Work?

Trustly operates by enabling users to pay for goods and services online by sending money from their bank accounts. To make this possible, users need to have access to eBanking and their bank needs to support Trustly payments.

Upon reaching the payment step, users are asked to log in to their online banking interface using the standard security measures. That way, all the sensitive information is kept secure and confidential and there is no risk during the transaction.

Trustly and Online Casinos

Like with many modern technologies, especially in the financial sectors, the online gambling industry was one of the early adopters of Trustly. The method made perfect sense for online casino transactions as players were able to transfer funds from their banks instead of having to use their debit and credit cards or e-wallets.

This method wasn't just safer and more reliable but it was also much more convenient providing people with an opportunity to use fund in their bank accounts as they like with no restrictions or additional complications.

As of right now, Trustly is only available to players from certain European countries because of certain technical requirements as well as regulatory issues that must be set in place before this payment method can be used. However, looking at the company's growth and expansion thus far, it is very likely Trustly will be coming to more countries in the near future.

Pay N Play® by Trustly

Looking to take things to yet another level, Trustly launched their Pay N Play® product, a payment system specifically tailored to respond to online gambling needs. This product combines the process of depositing funds and account verification, making it possible for the players to simply deposit and go straight to playing while the whole registration and verification process happen in the background without any need for user interaction.

Many online casinos have already started offering Pay N Play® services and the number of operators to do so in the future is guaranteed to grow. This latest product by Trustly is a clear sign of the company's vision for the future and what they want to achieve in terms of making online payments easier than ever before.

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