With over 240 million account holders around the world, PayPal is a hugely popular online money transfer service that can be used to deposit and withdraw funds at many casinos sites.

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PayPal is probably the best-known, most widely used e-wallet in the world and it’s accepted at millions of websites including many online casinos. UK players are particularly well-served, with a vast range of casinos where they can fund their accounts using this safe and secure solution. As well as being a handy way to add funds, punters can take winnings back out using the PayPal option, all for relatively low fees.

About PayPal

Contrary to popular belief, PayPal wasn’t founded by Elon Musk. Although he’s perhaps now more famous for running the Tesla car company and SpaceX rocket business, Musk’s involvement with PayPal began in 2000 when his banking business merged with the company. It had been founded 2 years earlier by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek, and Ken Howery.

In July 2002, eBay purchased PayPal, which was already the payment option being used for most eBay auctions. Other developments include the 2007 partnership with MasterCard that allows customers to pay for goods and services, even at those remaining sites that don’t accept PayPal. In 2015, the company was separated from eBay. Based in San Jose, California, PayPal currently has over 18,000 employees, has 244 million account holders and at the last count, around $13 billion in revenue.

How PayPal Works

The standard PayPal service is an online e-wallet that customers use to transfer funds whenever they purchase anything online, while they can also receive funds when they sell goods and services, or take funds out of a casino account.

Getting started takes just a couple of minutes. Customers go to the PayPal website, either via their desktop computer or mobile device and click the ‘Sign Up’ button. They enter an email address, create a password and fill out a few name and address details. Credit or debit cards, or a bank will need to be linked to the account, but don’t worry, as this only has to be done one time and PayPal is a highly secure company that ensures that details don’t end up in the wrong hands.

Once the account is verified by email, new users are good to go, although as with any e-wallet, funds will need to be in the account before purchasing anything. There’s no overdraft facility, which is useful, as it removes any temptation to over-spend, or if the wrong amount is entered, customers are less likely to be transferring too much by mistake.

Using PayPal At Online Casinos

Paying online is just as easy as signing up, with casino players simply heading over to a site which accepts PayPal. In the UK, that means pretty much all of them, as PayPal is one of the most widely accepted methods and all the main gambling sites welcome it.

They head over to the Cashier section and select PayPal from the deposit options, decide how much to deposit and Hey Presto! The funds are credited almost immediately, and players can start to enjoy their favourite games with the minimum delay.

If deposits have been made using Paypal, then withdrawals can be made back to the same account. When it’s time to take out winnings, or simply remove some of the balance in a casino account, players log in again, choose an amount to withdraw and the money will be heading back to their PayPal account. Most casinos take a little longer to process withdrawal requests, so customers should factor this in and not expect to have their winnings back with them right away.

It’s worth noting that even though PayPal is an American company, US laws prevent local casinos from accepting this payment method.

In the unlikely event that a casino, or any online merchant doesn’t accept PayPal, then their prepaid MasterCard could be the solution. It can be used at 15 million shops, restaurants, or anywhere else that MasterCard is accepted, with users even able to withdraw funds from ATM’s.

PayPal Fees

All e-wallets charge certain fees, but PayPal are pretty competitive, and it certainly won’t break the bank to use this service. Casinos won’t charge anything, and there’s usually just a small percentage to pay when receiving money back to a PayPal balance.

There’s no fee when buying anything, sending money to someone else, or paying funds into a casino account, unless a different currency is used, or it’s sent abroad. The PayPal website carries all the latest details, and as these can change from time to time, that’s the best place to check out current fees and charges.

Security And Licensing

World class security systems are used by PayPal. Every transaction is heavily guarded with encryption software ensuring that money goes to and from the right places. Customers won’t have to give out any sensitive financial details when they buy something online and the details held by PayPal are fully protected.

In short, anyone using this service can relax and not worry about money or personal information getting to the wrong people.

PayPal is used in 202 countries, with 25 different currencies covered. They deal with all the tricky business of converting funds from one to any other, so there’s no need to get the calculator out whenever customers send or receive in different currencies.

The company is fully licensed across multiple jurisdictions. For UK players, an EU license is in force, but it’s still covered by the Financial Services Authority, which ensures that it operates within British laws.

So Why Choose PayPal?

People trust PayPal to deliver a fast, secure and reliable service. It’s a flexible method of payment that’s accepted worldwide and at most casinos outside of the USA. It offers a way of instantly paying for something, or depositing money, and with the option to have funds sent back to the same account, there’s absolutely no need to hand over bank or credit card details to anyone else.

It’s easily accessed from desktop computers, smartphones and tablets, with a free app available from the App Store or Google Play. Used by millions of people every day, PayPal has become the default choice for many of us.

PayPal Online Casinos

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