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Our Privacy and Cookie Policy will help you understand what cookies are and how and why we use them, so please take your time to study this document.

Our ("", "We", "Us" or "the "Company") aim is to be fully transparent with our customers about how our Website ("Our Site", the "Website") collects their information and processes it. Thus, all our customers ("User/s", "You," "Your") are advised to read our Privacy and Cookie Policy, also referred to as "This Document" or simply "Privacy Policy".   

The Website sometimes features advertisements, along with links to third-party sites and other content. Since these websites have independent privacy and cookie policies, Users should read these documents before sharing any personal or other information with them.

By visiting Our Site, You consent to collecting and processing Your information.

Types of information we collect

We collect information classified as non-personal, meaning that visiting Our Site may result in the collection of non-identifiable information broadcast by Your devices. It can include aggregated usage and technical data, such as Your IP address and other identifiers.

Other types of information may include specific information on software and hardware used, like the browser You use to access Our Site or the operating system Your device runs on. We may also access the data on the language or when You prefer to visit the Website. Finally, the information about Your activity and engagement on the Website can be used so that We can further improve our services.

Cookie Policy

The main aim of cookies is to distinguish our visitors to enable them to have the best experience while browsing Our Site. We also use them to improve Our Site's performance and design.

What is a cookie?

The term cookie refers to a small file added to the User's device that contains data about previous sessions. By adding cookies to Your device, Your experience becomes more satisfying as these files keep track of Your preferences and enable certain features to activate automatically.

Below, You will find a list of different cookie types Our Site uses as well as information on why We use them:

Session Cookies - Temporary files stored while browsing only. Session cookies are deleted as soon as the User closes the browser. We use these files to make Our Site function normally. By disabling them, You will affect the performance of this Website.

Persistent Cookies - The files set by the Company that are kept for an extended period. How long persistent cookies will be saved depends on the Company that has added them. In most cases, this type of information is preserved for up to a year.

As for, We rely on third-party companies who perform web-traffic data analytics by monitoring and analysing the interaction of Users with Our Site. It should be pointed out that the policies of these companies are not under our control. Below, We have listed the types of persistent cookies:

  • Analytical/Performance cookies: Cookies that capture the data of anonymous visitors, showing Us which parts of Our Site they access. They also keep track of the time visitors spend browsing certain parts of the Website and indicate the order in which users access them. By doing so, We enable the User to access Our Site more efficiently.
  • Functionality cookies: This type of persistent cookies enables us to identify repeat visitors and save their preferences. By recalling them, We can enhance Your experience for future visits.
  • Targeting cookies: Used to track pages and links visitors access. By using targeting cookies, We further improve the relevance of Our Site to Your interests.

By continuing to browse Our Site, You understand and accept the use of all cookie types mentioned above as well as other tracking technologies We have described in our Privacy and Cookie Policy. It is important to note that none of the above-mentioned cookies contains any information that can reveal Your identity.

To disable Cookies, go to Your internet browser settings, open the Privacy and Security section and expand Cookies and other site data. Then, choose from the available options to block some of the cookies or all of them. By doing so, You can affect the performance of Our Site, which can lead to a limited experience.

Third-party links

On this Website, You can find links to third-party sites. If You want to access them, make sure to read their Privacy Policies carefully. This document does not include confidential information other companies may collect. Also, We will not be responsible for any liability that may occur when visiting any of the websites We have referred to You. By following any link featured on Our Site, You accept the risk that may arise from visiting third-party sites. We cannot be held accountable for any damage that the collection of information performed by these sites or sharing the information with them may cause.

How we use collected data

The data We collect from You may also be used in the following ways: 

  • To maintain and improve Our Site safety and security.
  • To evaluate the content You access and how it is relevant to You.
  • To perform analytics and research.
  • To ensure compliance with relevant regulations and laws.
  • To ensure compliance with requirements imposed by governmental authorities or demands from legal institutions.

How we share the data we collect

We at may share the data We collect with trusted third parties, including the following:

  • The providers of the services have acquired so that they can conduct research, technical diagnostics or analytics.
  • GetResponse: The certified USA-based provider of mailing applications that manages our newsletter.
  • Advisers, auditors and potential investors in the Company when the collected data can benefit the Company. We may also share the data We collect with our affiliates and/or subsidiaries.
  • Information may also be shared with the potential buyer or seller in the case of a possible sale of shares or merger or when the Company wants to acquire another business or asset.

Please note that sharing the data with third parties described above will always adhere strictly to the Privacy Policy and security obligations laid out in it as well as to the applicable law. 

Other disclosures

Other cases in which We may share information include:

  • Requests by the government or relevant law enforcement agencies.
  • Enforcement of any legal rights, like intellectual property.
  • Acting against illegal activities, security breaches and issues, and/or other cases of wrongdoing.
  • Enforcement of our internal policies.
  • Contesting legal claims against the companies We have partnered with or us.
  • Protecting the rights and safety of the Company, Users, and third-party service providers.

When we retain your information

By accessing Our Site, You agree that You understand and accept the terms regarding retaining and processing Your information laid out in This Document. We will make sure to process the data collected from our users according to the terms laid out in our Privacy Policy. The data will be stored in a safe and secure manner, and We will share it only with the relevant third parties mentioned above. 

Information security and transfer

Our customers' privacy is essential to Us, so updating and maintaining our security processes is of the utmost importance. To ensure Your data is protected and safe, We employ industry-standard procedures and policies, thus avoiding the unauthorised use of any of Your data. While keeping Your non-personal information safe is our priority, We cannot guarantee that We will be able to prevent unlawful access or exploitation of Your data or Our services. 

No matter how hard We try to keep Your data safe, You should bear in mind that data transfer over the internet cannot be 100% secure. Therefore, We cannot guarantee the security of data transfer to and by Our Site. Please note that any transmission of information on the internet is done at Your own risk.

Since Our Site operates internationally, Your personal data may be transferred to European Union and non-EU countries. The data protection regulation in non-EU countries may be less comprehensive than in EU countries. It should be pointed out that in this case, We will do our best to ensure that an equivalent level of protection is in place whenever data is collected from You anonymously. By continuing to browse Our Site, You consent to transfer Your data under the terms laid out in This Document.

Protection of minors

You are not allowed to use the services offered by Our Site if You are legally referred to as a minor, meaning that You are under the age of 18. By continuing to use the services We provide, You agree that You are of legal age to participate and understand that We are not responsible if this is not the case.

Account termination

You can request an account deletion and have Your data removed from the system. Simply send us an email with a request to terminate Your account if You wish so.

Email opt-out - if You do not want to receive newsletters from Us, click on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any newsletter We have sent You.

Privacy Policy Updates

We highly recommend visiting and rereading This Document regularly as we may revise and update it every once in a while. On Our Site, You will be able to find the latest version of our Privacy Policy. If any significant changes occur, We will ensure to inform You via email and/or our newsletter.

By continuing to browse Our Site after being informed about any changes made to This Document, You acknowledge that these changes have been made and accept them.

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