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We are happy to share online gambling information with all our readers from the UK. However, we need to highlight that our site has terms of use. Browse our site freely after you’ve read and understood these T&Cs.

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OnlineCasinoReports is a place where you can find reliable and updated ratings and reviews of UK gambling sites and their services. However, we do not offer gambling services ourselves, nor do we carry out financial transactions. Look at our portal as a source of valuable information.

HouseTechAds LTD has affiliate partners, and we focus on creating high-quality gambling-related content in multiple languages. Our team manages and takes care of OnlineCasinoReports operations, providing a volume of reports, critical reviews and analyses for your enjoyment. We do not stand for any gambling website or service, and we do not represent their interests.

The Terms of Service presented below should be taken as a guide for our readers, detailing the terms and conditions regarding using the services of OnlineCasinoReports.co.uk. The following acts as an agreement between us and our audience.

About Privacy

Your privacy is a priority for OnlineCasinoReports. We put in the effort to manage and protect your private information in a responsible way. Should you decide to subscribe to our site, bear in mind that you confirm you are 18+ by doing so. A subscription also equals agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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Agreement Acceptance and Amendments

You accept the requirements and obligations of our Terms of Service (further referred to as “Agreement”) by registering or browsing the pages of our website. You can only access and make use of our site’s content if you’ve previously agreed to the T&Cs.

Using OnlineCasinoReports and browsing its pages confirms that you adhere to our Terms. Therefore, we advise you to read them thoroughly with close attention. Should you disagree with any paragraph or portion of our agreement, we propose leaving the website and not continue using its services.

Our team is in their right to make alterations to the agreement as they see fit. The amendments, edits or revisions will be carried out at our discretion. Therefore, we are not obligated to notify our readers about any changes to the agreement. 

Readers who continue to use OnlineCasinoReports.co.uk are considered aware of the modifications.

Using the Site and Its Services

Anyone who uses the information collected and published on OnlineCasinoReports may not use our brand and content or any other aspect for the benefit of illegal activities. The use of our services must be within relevant jurisdictional stipulations.

If you, as our reader, commit a violation of these terms, OnlineCasinoReports will not be held liable for any charges, damages and claims from third parties in relation to such violation.

You further agree that you will not enable any computer virus programs or malware while using our site or do anything that might tamper with the standard operations of devices needed to launch and navigate through our website.

We support debate and discussion on the pages of our site, but we insist on lawfulness and civil interaction. We trust our readers to conduct these activities under our carefully composed Community Guidelines.

Copyright Infringement Notice

We own the copyright to all the content published on the OnlineCasinoReports platform. Hence, copying and distributing our texts or other materials is in direct violation of our copyright, defying trademark regulations.

It is forbidden to duplicate, store, distribute or spread any of our content for commercial purposes without us consenting to it first. In addition, you can’t transfer your subscription to anyone else, sell it or put it for auction. The same applies to any of your personal publications on OnlineCasinoReports.

We need to give permission in writing before you can copy, transmit or republish our content to forums, chatrooms, online news bulletins, or any other similar website. We highlight once again that you agree not to replicate any portion of our content in order to use it on another site or to support another service.

Intellectual Property

As we’ve highlighted above, the entirety of the content seen on our website is property of OnlineCasinoReports. This involves all text materials, graphics, blog posts, forum postings and everything else published on the site.

You shouldn’t try to access any part of the site without authorisation; moreover, you shouldn’t generate and publish any hyperlinks leading to our website or any part of it. In addition, we condemn uploading and spreading any offensive and otherwise controversial content through our website.

You may not provoke anxiety or any sort of inconvenience to us or other website users by transmitting such content. Therefore, we reserve our right to delete it right away without having to notify or explain why we’ve done so.

User Submissions

By submitting any content to our website (by that we mean emails, reviews, comments, suggestions, photos, videos, messages or any other type of content), you agree to grant us non-exclusive, royalty-free rights to such content. The rights should be interminable and irreversible, as well as transferable and will allow us to create derivative works from the submitted content, as well as potentially translate it, make changes to it, reproduce it or use it in any other way.

Your name will remain in connection to the submitted work so that we may reference it whenever we decide to publicly display any version of it through media or other channels. At our discretion, we may also provide the source of your comments if need be.

Content from Third Parties

OnlineCasinoReports may contain links to other websites or resources for the purposes of bringing greater benefit to our readers. However, if any of the provided links or websites are not available, that should not be considered our responsibility.

We do not endorse other websites or resources, which is why we shouldn’t be held accountable for their availability and their overall content, including the nature of this content ad its interpretations. OnlineCasinoReports cannot be held liable for any products, advertising, or other materials or services third-party websites provide through their domains.

Persons who rely on such content and experience any loss, offence or damages as a consequence should not hold us accountable. Any materials, links or recommendations made by OnlineCasinoReports are at your disposal, but you accept to use them at your own risk. Therefore, we do not accept any liability for any damage or losses caused by the information or content and materials found on our site (directly or indirectly).   

Handling Advertisements and Licensing

Both OnlineCasinoReports and our advertisers adhere to the Gambling Licensing and Advertising Act of 2014. We follow the codes of practice and aim to prevent gambling activities from being associated with crime, or cause it and support it in any way.

The protection of children and other vulnerable categories is one of our main objectives. We do not want to lead them in harm’s way and into exploitation by gambling. Therefore, we ensure gambling activities are carried out openly and fairly. All our publications are composed and displayed with consideration of the above licensing objectives.

Disclaimer & Waiver

You are responsible for making sure that gambling activities are legally allowed in the place where you live before you proceed to read and use content and recommendations on our website. The same is advised before registering with OnlineCasinoReports.

You need to be compliant with the gambling laws imposed by your country, state or district. In addition, you need to be of legal age to gamble and consume content published about gambling, like the content on our website.

As we’ve stated previously, OnlineCasinoReports provides a wide range of content, information, commentary, and entertaining material. However, we cannot provide guarantees about their accuracy or completeness, nor can we warrant their specific use and purpose. The OnlineCasinoReports team strives to always provide content that is authenticated, reliable and accurate, but we cannot ensure that there will never be any imperfections or that all information is always updated on time.

OnlineCasinoReports will always invest maximum effort to provide valuable, helpful information that is of interest to our readers. Nevertheless, we can’t provide full guarantees that every piece of our content or our services with reach you uninterrupted or that there will never be any errors or security issues. We reserve the right to deliver errors, although we will always give our best to be right, correct and punctual.

Furthermore, OnlineCasinoReports and our partners declare that we cannot guarantee the quality of any product, information, services, or other material that our readers may purchase or obtain through recommendations or adverts on our site. It is possible that our content, offers, or information won’t always meet your expectations. As a result, we will do our best to amend any faults as soon as possible.

Limitation and Exclusion of Liability

Keep in mind that you take full responsibility for any warranties by using content on our website. This applies to any assurance of any kind, including assurance without limitation, merchantability warranties or assurance for suitability for a specific purpose.

By accepting this agreement, you accept the risk associated with the quality and performance of our services and the accuracy or completeness of our website’s content. This applies to all types of content, services, tools, materials, offers or recommendations or products related to our platform.

We acknowledge that the above exclusion of liability may not apply to you because of the legal provisions of certain countries or states since you may be a resident of these states or countries. In the cases when the exclusion of suggested warranties or limitation of liability is not allowed, we expect our liability, and that of our third-party content providers, to be executed to the greatest extent the applicable law permits.

If you ever experience loss, frustration, or disappointment caused by the content of this website, the best solution is to stop using it as soon as possible. OnlineCasinoReports will not be held responsible for compensation. By compensation we mean any sort of damages and lost profits (indirect, consequential, punitive, exemplary etc.).

It should be acknowledged that all content published on our website is for informational and recreational purposes only. Therefore, we shouldn’t be held accountable for the consequences of actions based on what you read on the pages of our site. This also includes content distributed via email or through other marketing channels run by OnlineCasinoReports.

OnlineCasinoReports does not own or operate an online or mobile gambling hub. We do not enable financial transactions that can be associated with placing bets.

Last update of Terms of Use: 6 March 2022.

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