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Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill has become a popular way for UK players to fund their casino gaming. But it’s not just about transferring money to and from an i-gaming account, as Skrill is also accepted a wide range of online merchants, for sending money to other accounts, or funding social games across multiple platforms.

What Is Skrill?

This is an e-wallet that’s been available in one form or another since 2001. Within 2 years of launch, it already had over 2 million customers The company is based in London, but has offices throughout Europe and the USA, with around 700 staff working to make the service as user-friendly, secure and reliable as possible. It’s part of the Paysafe Group, which also encompasses NETELLER and the paysafecard voucher systems.


Customers simply top up their virtual card via the Skrill website, on desktops or mobile devices. Without having to reveal credit card or bank details, they can then transfer those funds quickly and securely. A prepaid MasterCard is also available, which can be used at some 15 million places around the world or used to withdraw cash from ATM’s.

Skrill can be used in 200 countries, which means just about all of them, while money can be transferred to friends and family in around 40 territories.

Signing Up With Skrill

The Skrill website is the only place where customers will need to register their bank or card details. A simple step by step process that takes just a couple of minutes is all that’s needed to sign up to a new Skrill account. Users enter an email and password, then will need to link either a card or bank account before they can add funds.

Once approved, they can transfer money to their new Skrill account and use it at online merchants, casinos, or anywhere that has signed up to accept Skrill. Transferring money to another bank, e-wallet or Skrill account is quick and easy, or purchases can be made online at a number of shops, retailers and travel companies.

Using Skrill At Online Casinos

An advantage that Skrill has over many other e-wallets is the sheer number of casinos that accept it. UK casino players will find that a huge number of popular sites give them the option to deposit funds directly using Skrill, and when it’s time to take money back out, it can be uploaded right back to the same account.

Finding a site shouldn’t be difficult, but if for some reason Skrill isn’t an option, then the Skrill MasterCard will more than likely be accepted. Assuming Skrill payments can be made, users simply select it from the deposit options, enter their account number and how much they wish to pay in. As it’s a prepaid e-wallet, where there’s no way to pay in more than is loaded into the Skrill account, the funds are guaranteed to clear, which helps the payments to go through pretty much immediately.

Players won’t need to pass any financial details to their gambling sites of choice. This is a big advantage to many people who don’t like having their personal information out there. Players with multiple accounts at different casinos could also enjoy the advantage of the simpler transactions that come with using Skrill. Because the casino operators like payments that are guaranteed to go through, some even offer special deals to customers who choose Skill as their deposit option.

Top-Quality Security

The Skrill website locks the card or bank details of customers away behind security systems that are at least as robust as those used by banks. They abide by the standards of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS Level 1) and this guarantees that data is fully encrypted, to make it unreadable to the wrong people.

Licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, Skrill was the first licensed e-money issuer in the UK and remains one of the biggest.

Going Mobile

With everyone seemingly living their lives via smartphones, it’s only natural that their financial activities are carried out on mobile devices as well. To that end, Skrill has been made totally compatible with all the popular mobile platforms and users can download apps that bring all the benefits of Skrill to them wherever they are.

Customers can upload funds, withdraw to another account or send cash without having to go anywhere near a desktop computer.

Competitive Fee Structure

There’s no fee charged by Skrill when users receive money into their accounts. Uploading funds from another card, bank, or even virtual currency can incur a small percentage cost, while sending money to another email address or another Skrill wallet will also be charged a small fee.

These amounts are competitive across the industry and there’s no hidden charges or nasty surprises in store, as all expenses are clearly stated.

Some Restrictions For Skrill Users

While paying in and taking funds out of a UK casino is usually very simple, due to local laws, players might not find it so easy at international sites. US and Canadian online casinos for example, rarely accept Skrill.

It’s also not quite as widely accepted at online retailers as some other e-wallets. The Skrill MasterCard is always a useful option.

Claiming Rewards

Customers who frequently use their Skrill account and transfer over certain amounts, will be invited to join a VIP programme. This gives them lower fees, 24/7 support and faster uploads from banks. The details of how to enter this scheme are found on the Skrill website.

Fast, Safe And Reliable Transfers

Skrill has become popular by offering customers a trusted solution to receiving and transferring funds online without the need to enter card or bank details with each purchase. By entering a username, password and the amount, money is moved between accounts almost instantaneously.

Low fees, the ability to pay in and take funds out of a casino account and the option to spend at a number of major online retailers are further attractions to customers from the UK and the many other countries where the Skrill service operates.

Skrill Online Casinos


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