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Welcome to OnlineCasinoReports UK: We are your guide to the top online gambling sites and casinos. You'll find essential details, expert reviews, complete guides, and unbiased analysis of the best sites.

This is a website designed with you, the UK player, in mind. It offers the latest news, introductions to the biggest games, casino reviews, and 'how to' guides. Read on to see what we do and how we can help.

Our Goal

The aim of OnlineCasinoReports is to help you pick the best casinos online to suit your own preferences. It's taken us over 20 years to get where we are, and thanks to our dedication, research, development, and passion for the topic, we can provide the ultimate guide. With a network of locally-focused sites, we can provide tailored reviews, detailed guides, news, and active forums targeted at where you live. Become part of our worldwide community of online gambling fans.

Our unique interface lets you filter through our reviewed sites to pick the ideal casino for your tastes. It lets you concentrate on the ideal bonus offers that match your budget, expectations, and game preferences. You can make use of these tools to ease the pathway toward your perfect online gambling partner.

Read through our user-friendly guides, which take you through any issues that may be unfamiliar. These will make sure you are fully prepared and play the games like an expert.

Our Guideline

Here at OnlineCasinoReports we are driven by a passion for online casinos and a commitment to providing the very best guides, so you enjoy the experience as much as we do. 

To achieve this over the last 20+ years, we have stuck to a few simple, but important principles:

  • Most of what we do is driven by feedback from players and readers.
  • Every piece of content on the site is written by our experts after independent research.
  • We will never charge a fee for access to the site.
  • It's a completely independently owned and operated site.
  • Our recommended sites have no stakes in OnlineCasinoReportsand we are fully independent of them.
  • We work with recognised review boards and casino auditor bodies.
  • Our game and casino guides are unbiased, and only written by experts in each field.
  • We have a detailed 12-point process that all sites must pass to get our seal of approval.

Our Warranty

We pride ourselves in our commitment to you, the players. You can be certain that everything at OnlineCasinoReports is fair, unbiased, and properly researched.
We can guarantee that the casino and game reviews, news stories, and guides to online gambling are created by experts using the latest information from trusted sources within the iGaming business.

Our Team

Since the day we launched OnlineCasinoReports, we were determined to stand out from competitors. One way is in our unrivalled knowledge of the industry, which comes from our panel of experts and passionate fans of online casinos.
With over 20 years of experience, our review and content teams bring fully researched articles to this site. Every review, guide, or news article comes from a team of professionals with in-depth knowledge of the iGaming world.
Along with our full-time staff, we also partner with recognised authors, guest writers, and experts in fields such as gambling regulations, new technologies, and crypto to ensure accuracy and knowledge across our website.

What we do

We provide a single source of reference to the fast-paced, opportunity-rich online gambling market. It means you can navigate this immersive world via OnlineCasinoReports.
Central to this is our finely-tuned rating system of online gambling sites, which we've developed over the course of two decades. The ratings present you with the best understanding of what each site has to offer in terms of their games, bonuses, and branding. A unique and holistic 12-point rating mechanism explores the banking options, security, fairness, customer service, and more. These highlight the strengths and any potential weaknesses of each online casino featured on our pages.

We tirelessly search the internet for the latest online gambling news, bonus offers, special promotions, and games. You'll know about any changes to gambling regulations, or changes to developer and casino ownership as soon as possible, with the information provided in clear, easy-to-follow articles. We also feature highly detailed stories and reviews where appropriate, so you can keep up to date at all times.

Be sure to join our content-filled forum, which is a great source of information, news, and gossip from across the iGaming business. Players come here to share their experiences, reveal their best wins, hottest games, insights into the direction of the market, and more.

We're sure that 20 years of experience in the online casino sphere, with an unbeatable range of experts on board, makes OnlineCasinoReports the market leader for objective reviews, the latest media reports, and balanced information. You can make the best decisions based on the information found on this invaluable website.

The OCR Story

The story begins back in 1997, at the very start of the online casino business. Launched by a dedicated team of enthusiasts, OnlineCasinoReports started out as a guide to the newest sites, latest games, and freshest casino offers. By 2002, the site featured far more, including brand reviews, guides to banking, news, legislation, and other important topics.

The site received another major upgrade in 2005, with even more content, news, and reviews. The main purpose of this was to make it easier to navigate to the content and features required to make the best decisions. The move to ban online gambling in the USA also had a major effect and changed the focus of the entire industry from the United States to other countries around the world. OnlineCasinoReports moved with the times.
We haven't rested on our laurels though, as, in 2008, the site went through further changes. The design changed to make it easier to reach pages and information via search buttons and filters. We also introduced the player forum, along with localised sites to cover each gambling market with even more detail and focus.

This was among the first websites that gave readers the option to drill down into each aspect of an online casino, such as the supported languages, bonus currencies, software partners, contact options, and other important aspects.
The OnlineCasinoReports network expanded in 2014, as it became increasingly important to offer localised guides and content.

We now cover over 75 providers of local online gambling services, with detailed information on banking options, game reviews, site guides, and the latest news tailored to each market.

2022 is another important year, as OnlineCasinoReports continues to evolve. The site is now optimised for all popular mobile platforms and devices, and you can now review up to five casinos, side by side. The search options also received an upgrade, with options to explore the site via brand names, types of games, bonus offers, the biggest progressive jackpots, and casino guides.

Local Sites

You'll find many localised versions of OnlineCasinoReports in multiple languages. Click the link below and you can find out much more about OCR sites localised to where you live.

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