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Exclusive online casino bonuses can offer players much more than what the standard bonuses offer, including more free spins, bigger no deposit bonuses, high roller bonuses and other goodies that are limited only to players from OCR - check out our list!

Name Bonus  
PlayOJO Casino Exclusive 50
Trada Casino Exclusive £100
mr.play Casino Exclusive £300

Exclusive Online Casino Bonuses for 2022

Online casinos have two main goals. The first one is to attract new players; the second is to keep those players around and get them as regular customers. Exclusive online casino bonuses are used to achieve both of these goals, although they’re mostly focused on existing players.

Like the name suggests, these are exclusive offers that not everyone can get. They’re presented to new players through various partner sites of the casinos while existing customers are given direct access to exclusive bonuses. The casino will usually reach out to the player via email, phone, or other method of communication to let them know about the bonus.

Take Advantage of Exclusive Bonuses

  1. Exclusive: As the title promises, these are bonuses which you will not find elsewhere.

  2. Only the best: Working with the creme de la creme of online casinos we only bring you the best exclusive online casino bonuses.

  3. Big: Expect big amounts with the exclusive bonuses presented on this page. 


How It Works: What Are Exclusive Bonuses?

Almost every online casino offers some bonuses. You’ll usually find the information about these offers in the promotions’ section of the site. This section will let you know about standard deals that are available to pretty much all players.

What you won’t find here are exclusive bonuses. These are custom-made offers that the casino creates for a particular player or a group of players. For example, if you’ve been a loyal player of a casino for a long time, they might surprise you with an exclusive deposit or no deposit bonus that’s personal to you. Most other players won’t have access to that particular offer.

Casinos work hard to keep their existing players from going to other places. It’s a very competitive market and there are hundreds and even thousands of options available to almost every single player. So, how do you convince someone they should stick around?

Exclusive bonuses are an important part of the retention strategy. More than just free money, these bonuses show to players that the casino they play on the most knows about them and cares about making them happy and improving their gaming experience.

Getting Started: How to Claim Exclusive Bonuses

Unlike most other types of bonuses, you can’t actually hunt down exclusive online casino bonuses. Because they’re exclusive, you’ll only be able to claim them when they’re offered to you, either directly or through a partner website that you might frequent or be a member of.

Getting or finding an exclusive offer is probably the hardest part of the process. After that, actually claiming the bonus and using your newly found cash and/or spins is just as simple as with any other type of a bonus. Even if you’re completely new to online gambling, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

  1. Receive an exclusive bonus offer

The first part of the process is actually getting an offer for an exclusive bonus. You can’t do too much to influence this but if you’re a loyal player on just one or two sites, you’re likelier to receive special offers from them. You don’t need to be a high-roller, either. The best casinos value all of their players and they’ll surprise you with an exclusive bonus tailored to your stakes and gaming habits.

  1. Gather all the information

Often, the communication you receive about the exclusive bonus won’t contain all the important information. It will tell you the basics of the offer, but to get all the details, you’ll probably need to follow the link in the message. Read up on all pertinent terms and conditions to figure what the exclusive bonus is all about, what the wagering requirements are like, and if this is the kind of offer you want to take.

  1. Claim your exclusive bonus

Once you’ve figured it all out and are happy to proceed, it’s time to get your hands on the bonus. Go to the casino website and follow the steps described in the email and/or on the exclusive promo page. Make the minimum required deposit and make sure to use any special codes if required to ensure you get the bonus as promised.

Types of Exclusive Bonuses

As mentioned, casinos try to tailor their bonuses for players of all shapes and sizes. This is especially true for exclusive casino bonuses as the goal is to make the player feel good and valued, and the best way to do it is by serving them with a bonus that really aligns with their gaming habits.

Modern casinos have a variety of systems in place to keep track of their players and figure out their preferences. This is why you’ll often see some new games that fit your taste appearing high on the list of games. Casinos use these same systems and algorithms when coming up with exclusive bonus offers for their existing players.

Free Spins

Free spins are quite often offered as a part of exclusive bonus packages. It’s not uncommon for a casino to invite some players to try a new game, for example, and offer them a bulk of free spins for the slot to give it a try. Sometimes, these spins are given with no strings attached and sometimes you’re required to make a deposit to claim them.

Free Play

Exclusive online casino bonuses are usually tailored to meet the player’s particular preferences. For example, if you’re someone who enjoys roulette or blackjack, the casino might tempt you with a free play chip for your particular game of choice. They might give you like $25 in free play to be used as a single bet or in several bets on roulette only.

No Deposit Bonuses

Although no deposit bonuses are usually reserved for new players, some casinos will issue them to their loyal players as well. If you’ve been playing a lot on a particular site, they might send you an exclusive gift in the form of a no-deposit bonus. You’ll usually just need to log in to your account and the money will be there, waiting to be used.

Exclusive Cashback Offers

Although cashbacks aren’t the most popular type of bonuses out there, some players love them. In a nutshell, these offers guarantee you’ll get some of your losses back even if your luck isn’t in. When it comes to exclusive cashback bonuses, you’ll usually receive them for a particular time period and/or for a particular game. Once again, the casino will try to tailor the offer so it suits your usual gaming patterns and preferences.

Tips: What to Consider When Playing With Exclusive Bonuses

While these exclusive casino bonuses are always nice to get, they still share many features of regular casino bonuses. So, when deciding about whether to accept an offer from a casino, these are some tips that should help you make up your mind.

  1. How easy is the bonus to claim?

Not all exclusive bonuses are created equal. Sometimes, the casino just wants to treat you and make you feel special and will give you a bonus that’s really easy to claim. Sometimes, though, the offer comes with conditions that aren’t so favourable. You might be required to make a large deposit or it’s only valid for the next 12 hours, not giving you much time.

  1. What are wagering requirements like?

For every casino bonus you consider, it’s important to look at wagering requirements before you make any commitments. Think about how easy it is to actually clear them and if you have a good chance of actually doing it. If the bonus comes with a rollover that’s too demanding, exclusive or not, it might not be worth your time or money.

  1. Is there the cap on how much you can win?

The best online casino exclusive bonuses will let you play and try your luck with no limitations. A bonus that comes with a cap on how much you can cash out just isn’t as attractive. Of course, this is fine if it’s a no deposit bonus that requires no financial risk on your part, but if it’s a bonus that asks you to deposit money, there should be no limit on your maximum win.

Exclusive Bonuses vs. Regular Bonuses

You might be wondering what it is that makes exclusive bonuses so special. After all, you can claim so many welcome and reload bonuses anyways, so why should you even care about these exclusive offers?

The truth is, these special bonuses come with certain advantages for the players and can be better in many important aspects. More experienced gamblers understand how important these seemingly small differences are and how much value they can add to a bonus, both from the monetary and from the gaming experience perspectives.

Exclusive Bonus

Regular Bonus


Lower wagering requirements

High, hard to achieve wagering

Bonus specific to your gaming habits

A general bonus that might not fit your preferences

Fewer restrictions you need to worry about

More restrictions limiting your experience


How We Rate Casinos With Exclusive Bonuses

Casinos that have a habit of offering exclusive bonuses for their players are usually in the group of better ones that care for their customers. However, that fact alone isn’t enough to earn them a high rating on our site.

Like the rest of them, these sites undergo a very detailed and meticulous review process that we’ve developed to ensure only the best and most trustworthy casinos get their deserved place. With an experienced team of professionals, we know what to look for and how to go about reviewing and rating online casinos.

Here’s the graphical breakdown of things we look at during the review process and how particular aspects influence the final rating.


Are exclusive casino bonuses better than regular bonuses?

Yes, quite frequently they are. Exclusive bonuses are often tailored to your gambling preferences and come with better terms and conditions than the bonuses offered to all players.

How do I get the best exclusive online casino bonuses?

The common way of getting exclusive casino bonuses is by receiving offers directly from the site via email or phone. You can also find some exclusive deals on partner sites but these offers may not always be available to you specifically.

Do exclusive bonuses have wagering requirements?

Yes, in most cases. Wagering requirements are attached to pretty much all casino bonuses out there. However, some exclusive bonuses can come with no wagering or very low rollover requirements, especially when offered directly to the player.

Can I request an exclusive bonus from a casino?

You can always try. If you believe you should receive a special bonus for being a loyal customer or playing at high stakes (or any other reason, for that matter), you can always hit up support and ask them about it. It works sometimes.

Are there any exclusive no deposit bonuses?

Yes. Exclusive bonuses come in all shapes and sizes and, sometimes, they’re issued in the form of no deposit cash as well. You can usually claim these by simply logging into your account and accepting the offer as there are no other requirements.

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