British and other people from UK choose to use paysafecard , You too can use paysafecard to transfer cash to your casino cashier. below you will find a complete list of paysafecard Online Casinos that are safe and recommended.

Top Paysafecard Online Casinos

Available to use in over 40 countries, paysafecard is a prepaid voucher which can be bought at stores and used at a wide range of online casinos, merchants, cinemas and shops. While credit and debit cards are a quick and easy way to pay for goods and services, sometimes the convenience and anonymity of a prepaid voucher is just what’s needed. Users won’t need to give over any personal or bank details to anyone and because cash is already loaded on to the voucher, there’s no chance of the payment being declined.

How Does It Work?

Around 600,000 paysafecard retailers are available and customers simply purchase a voucher from their most convenient store. In return for the payment, they get a paper voucher with a 16-digit code and a QR code on it. Users then visit their chosen online site, whether that’s a casino, auction site, or retailer and when it’s time to deposit or pay, they enter the 16-digit code and the amount to be paid. There’s no waiting for funds to clear, no credit cards needed and no lengthy delays as bank transfers are processed.

Customers won’t even need to have a credit card or bank account to get hold of a paysafecard. Plain old cash is all that’s needed, although there’s lots of other ways to pay for a card as well, so whatever is easiest for the customer is probably going to be fine for the retailer.

It’s really that simple, made even easier by the fact that not all the funds loaded onto the voucher need to be used at once, so the same one can be used to pay for different goods or services at different times and places.

About The Company

The business can trace its roots back to 1996, when part of it traded as Netbanx. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, they have arrived at the present day trading as The Paysafe Group and are based on the Isle of Man. Previously listed on the London Stock Exchange, in 2017 the company was taken private when it was bought out by The Blackstone Group and CVC Partner venture capitalists. The paysafecard side of the business in based in Vienna, Austria,

With a revenue of over $1 billion at the latest count, the Paysafe Group is a world leader in online payment services, with the NETELLER and Skrill brands all coming under its umbrella.

Why Use paysafecard?

There are multiple reasons why anyone would choose paysafecard over the many other money transfer options available today. Many people simply don’t like passing over their details to anyone else, no matter how secure the site may be. Online casinos for example, take security very seriously, but punters who want a clear break between their casino account and bank account, can choose to buy a paysfecard from a shop and just have to enter the code for their funds to be credited.

Not everyone has access to a Visa, MasterCard or any other credit and debit card. This makes the prepaid voucher very attractive, as having the option to use cash can sometimes be one of the few open to them. It’s also a useful way of ensuring that customers don’t overspend, whether that’s at an online casino, or a retailer that has some irresistible offers on. Only funds loaded onto the paysafecard can be used and there’s no way to spend more than that. UK players can purchase cards to the values of £10, £25, £50 or £100, with international customers able to buy similar amounts in their local currencies.

Remember the QR code mentioned above? This can be scanned by a smartphone and paysafecard users can now download a mobile app to keep track of all their cards and numbers. Retailers can also scan the QR code to receive payments, all automatically, without any risk of entering the wrong codes or losing the vouchers. The app also lets users find their nearest paysafecard retailers in seconds.

In much the same way that one person can carry lots of banknotes around, multiple vouchers can be held by a single customer. They can spend part of a voucher, all of it, or make bigger transfers by entering multiple codes. There’s a 3-month time limit on spending loaded funds at no charge, after which they can still be used, but paysafecard add fees.

Other services from this company include a prepaid MasterCard and ‘’my paysafecard’ which lets customers organise their vouchers into one account. Users will just need to pay online with a username and password, while they collect rewards points with each purchase that can then be redeemed at the myPLUS shop.

The Downsides Of Vouchers

Although paying funds into a casino account is easy, particularly at the many UK online casinos which welcome paysafecard, getting cash back out isn’t as simple. Users will need to have some other withdrawal method available, with Skrill and NETELLER, from the same overall company, being popular choices.

Because customers will have to physically head to a retailer to get their paysafecard voucher, it’s not something that be used to pay for anything at the spur of the moment. Impulse buyers however, could see this as a positive feature of these vouchers.

Is It Secure?

This is one of the safest, most secure ways to pay for anything. There’s absolutely no need for cards or bank accounts and even the paysafecard company doesn’t need to know any user details at all. For anyone who wants to buy something online, or play at an online casino, but won’t enter potentially sensitive information, this is the way to go.

The Ideal Solution For Many People

Prepaid vouchers such as paysafecard are easily the best way for many people to pay for things online. Because there’s so many places that sell the cards, this particular system is one of the most widely used.

There are no fees charged when buying a paysafecard and provided it’s used within 3 months, nothing is charged when making a purchase or deposit. The main issue for online casino players is the fact that funds can’t be withdrawn, but there are a number of secure and reliable e-wallets that sites can return winnings to.

Paysafecard Online Casinos

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