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Apple Pay is a secure way to make smart payments from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac. Use Apple Pay to securely deposit into your online casino account.

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Since 2015, UK residents have been able to use the Apple Pay service at a huge number of retailers. It was launched in the USA the year before and within weeks had become another success story for the huge Apple company. The growing number of places that welcome payments via Apple Pay is now starting to include online casinos.

Anyone with an Apple device can sign up and buy what they want using this free, quick and secure solution. It works as a virtual e-wallet, or users can also take advantage of contactless payments, with no upper limit to how much they can transfer to the retailers. Assuming they have the funds in their account of course.

It’s a cashless solution that can be used at shops, restaurants, to buy airline tickets, or to transfer funds online. The first casino site to accept Apple Pay is 888 Casino, but as the popularity of the service grows, you can expect to find many more sites welcoming this payment solution in the UK and beyond.

How Apple Pay Works

Of course, to use Apple Pay, you’ll need an Apple-powered mobile device. This can be an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Apple Pay can be easily set up on a Mac and if you use a MacBook Pro, Touch ID is integrated to make online payments even easier.

To set up Apple Pay, users will add a credit or debit card to their iOS wallet, and once the card issuer or bank has confirmed that it’s acceptable, Apple Pay is active. Customers who already have an iTunes account will simply be able to use the same credit or debit card for Apple Pay. Linking a card the account can be done manually, or users can simply take a picture of the card and the software does the rest.

Using Apple Pay Online

The advantage of Apple Pay over using cards to pay for goods online is that customers won’t need to fill in any forms with each purchase and there’s no need to add financial details such as card numbers to any website. It’s just a matter of finding a site that accepts this payment system and Apple Pay does all the hard work.

Users simply enter a unique code that’s provided by Apple Pay and the purchase is made. As it only uses funds that are already in an account, there’s no risk of transactions being declined. That’s good for the retailers, as it reduces their costs and great for customers, as goods can be dispatched sooner, with no waiting for transfers to clear.

Apple Pay Casinos

Although it’s early days for Apple Pay to be accepted at online casinos, it works in much the same way as any other e-wallet. Players select it from the deposit options, enter a unique code and then add in how much they would like to deposit. Funds are cleared right away, and they can start playing the games without any delays.

A big advantage of this system is the fact that funds can be taken back out of a casino account to an Apple Pay account. With certain deposit options, there’s no way to withdraw winnings using the same e-wallet, card or voucher. That problem is removed with Apple Pay, as in a couple of clicks, players can upload any amount in to their casino account, right back to Apply Pay.

It’s quick, reliable, secure and sure to be available at many more UK online casinos sites in the near future.

Other Uses For Apple Pay

Of course, there’s lots more places that accept Apple Pay, both online and in the real world. Users can pay for goods at shops, restaurants etc using a contactless system. While most credit and debit cards come with a £30 maximum contactless limit, there’s no limit when using this service. That’s because customers log in before making a contactless payment using Touch ID, or Face ID, so only the approved account holder can use their device to make contactless payments with. With Apple Watch users, a passcode is needed to activate the service each time its put on.

It can also be set up within many apps, so customers can order goods, food, tickets or taxi rides with just a touch of their Apple device.


Using this service removes the need to tell anyone other than Apple any account details, card numbers, address, or email information. Apple keep everything secure and safe from prying eyes, so customers can relax, enjoy their purchases and not spend any time worrying that the wrong people have access to their details.

Card numbers are never stored on users devices, or on Apple servers. If customers use a linked credit card to pay online, the card number is never shared with the retailer. Should a customer lose their phone, they can use the Lost My Phone service to deactivate Apple Pay.

Any Fees With Apple Pay?

The only fees charged by Apple Pay are paid by banks that have signed up to the service. It’s free to use for both customers and merchants, which gives this system an edge over many other payment solutions. These fees are set very low, which encourages banks to work with it.

The Future Of Apple Pay

Launched in the UK in 2015, Apple Pay has quickly established itself as a popular payment alternative. It’s safe and secure, quick, convenient, as well as accepted by a huge number of retailers. With the vast Apple corporation behind it, this service is sure to continue to grow, both online and at land-based retailers.

Apple Pay has yet to be rolled out worldwide though. The USA, Canada, UK, Russia, Brazil and a few other countries are already accepting the service, but customers who travel a lot need to check if it’s accepted at their destination before heading out without a back-up payment system.

Widespread Popularity

Apple Pay has gained widespread acceptance around the world, notably in hotels, grocery stores, boutiques, restaurants and online gaming platforms. It is particularly useful with the App Store, where you can make purchases with this payment processing option. Apple Pay is compatible with all websites that use Safari, on Mac devices.

Among the many companies that allow this payment processing option are Bloomingdale’s, Best Buy, Footlocker, the Disney Store, Giant, Jersey Mike’s, Lego, Macy’s, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, Toys “R” Us, Walgreens, Walt Disney World, Whole Foods, and Winn-Dixie. Multiple ranking websites also support Apple Pay, including fandango, airbnb, Uber, Staples and others.

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