Cashback Bonus

It's never fun to lose but getting rewarded for a loss makes everything a lot easier.

Name Bonus  
Vegas Spins Casino Exclusive £100
Trada Casino Exclusive £500
Total Gold Casino

When you are playing your favorite online casino games there are many times that you will lose.  It's guaranteed, but it doesn't have to be all bad.  Cashback bonuses can get players back in the game by giving them money or casino credits on their losses.  These bonuses are an excellent way for casinos to show how much their players mean to them and help to cheer them up after a losing run.  Cashback bonuses are available for a limited amount of time and can be used with certain games only so be sure to read the terms before opting in.

Losses are a part of any casino experience and that is something every player acknowledges. Cashback casino bonuses offered by online casinos are an efficient way to sweeten losses and give back to the players even if they didn't land a winning hand or number on the roulette. As the name suggests, a cashback bonus grants players a percentage of their losses back in the form of free casino cash. 

Types of Cashbacks

 As with most online casino bonuses, the ways in which cashbacks work differ between online casinos. The most common type of cashback bonus is bonus funds which are given to players which they can later use to their benefit in other bonuses offered by the online casino. While these funds aren't hard cash on the spot, they can benefit players greatly in other bonuses to which they apply.

Receiving actual credits in cashback bonuses is also a possibility; this cashback sees players receiving back a percentage of their losses. The percentages differ but the common range revolves around 5% to 20%. There are higher percentages reaching up to 50%, but higher percentages usually mean that the frequency is lower or are alternatively tied to some kind of VIP program.

Cashback Mechanics

The way in which cashbacks are given depends on the casino, but in most online casinos if not all cashback bonuses are given in accordance to pre-set timetables. There's a variety in the frequency of cashbacks with some online casinos giving these payouts on a monthly basis, a weekly basis or even daily; this sometimes correlates with players' loyalty levels.

Cashback terms and conditions differ between casinos, not necessarily all games count for cashbacks and there are amounts players need to wager in order to be eligible. Take precautions and read the fine print closely to see that the casino's cashbacks fit your needs.  

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