Guide to The Top UK Esports Betting Sites in 2023

eSports betting is bigger than ever. When the whole sports world stopped in 2020, it was eSports that thrived and captivated countless punters across the UK. One of the best things about this niche is that it involves betting on video games we all know and love - CS:GO, DOTA, League of Legends and many others. If you want to know how to get started and what are the best eSports betting site, our guide is at your disposal.

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Electronic sports, or eSports for short, is an athletic activity that involves players using electronic devices to compete in a multiplayer game. It’s no different than traditional sports - there are teams and fans who follow them, as well as punters who know the ins and outs of the eSports industry. With million-dollar prizes for tournaments in games such as Call of Duty, LoL and DOTA, there’s always a fixture or two to follow.

eSports History

When a group of Stanford students organised a Spacewar tournament at their uni in 1972, they probably weren't aware that they'd just put together the first eSports competition. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, arcade gaming was all the craze. As such, arcade owners would rake in copious amounts of money from organising face-to-face tournaments. 

However, this still wasn't the form of multiplayer gaming we all know and love today. Players did compete in the same game but on different devices. The first title that popularised 1 v 1 gaming on the same console was 1991's Street Fighter II. At the end of the decade, PC games joined the mix, with Starcraft, Warcraft, Quake, and CS GO all having semi-professional leagues. 

The true revolution occurred in South Korea in the 2000s. Internet cafes began popping up all over the country, and entire television stations were set up to bring players live action from the biggest tournaments and leagues. 

In the 2010s, the first eSports bookies appeared. Since there were already plenty of competitions year-round, the transition was smooth. From the very beginning, punters were able to access a variety of markets, including some new niches such as CS:GO skin betting. Nowadays, everything is standardised, and regulators treat eSports just as they would footy or cricket. 

eSports Betting

As fun as it is, eSports betting can seem a bit daunting. Such a large amount of markets, games and tournaments can be confusing, even if you're an experienced punter. Our team is aware of this, and we're here to help you understand how everything works, from choosing the best eSports betting site to understanding how match statistics work. 

To start betting on eSports, visit any bookmaker and head over to the eSports section. There, you will most likely see multiple categories, such as Games, Tournaments, etc. Filter by game first and then look for markets with the best value, i.e. the best odds with the least amount of risk. 

Almost every bookmaker offers bonuses and promotions. For them, this is a means to attract new punters, and for you, a chance to see what the bookie's all about. The betting sites we recommend, however, are tested extensively. There's a strict list of features and offers we look for, so it's not hard for us to notice scams and dishonest bookies right away.

Take a look at our list of the best eSports betting sites and find one that fits your needs and goals. Good luck. 

How to Choose the Best UK eSports Betting Site?

Our list may contain the top UK eSports bookmakers, but even we can't keep up with all the new sites being launched. So there's a realistic chance you'll bump into one of these bookies. First and foremost, the site has to be licensed and audited. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has some of the strictest standards in the world, so all its licensees can be considered legit. 

But with the collapse of Mo Play and BetIndex, even a license is no longer a guarantee of safety. You need to look for things such as clearly-explained rules, fast withdrawals and polite support agents. 

Live betting is also an essential feature of all the best eSports betting sites. Some of them have contracts with eSports leagues, so they offer free streams whenever there's a big tournament.

If you really want to be sure, take a look at the odds on exotic markets. Match winner odds are usually around the same everywhere, but the skimming happens on props and such. Always compare new bookies with verified ones. This should give you an idea of whether you should switch to that site or not. 

The Most Popular Esports Game Genres 

Despite being referred to as a singular niche, eSports is actually a group of hundreds, if not thousands of games that are played competitively. The best way to get into eSports is to separate them into genres. The five main ones are:

  • MOBA. Stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. In games like DOTA 2, LoL and Heroes of the Storm, players are split into teams and confined to a map with several paths and bases on opposite corners. The goal is to destroy all the enemy structures. 
  • FPS. Stands for First Person Shooter. Punters can put wagers on CS:GO, Call of Duty, Valorant and Rainbow Six: Siege at various eSports bookmakers. This genre is very straightforward - two teams, guns, and the first team that dies loses. 
  • RTS. Stands for Real Time Strategy. The direct predecessor to MOBA games, RTSs involve building a base and roaming around the map. To win, a player must destroy the enemy base and wipe out their forces. 
  • Sports Games. One of the oldest eSports genres, sports simulations are the easiest to understand and bet on. If you're taking punts on a FIFA tournament, it's just the same as your Monday night fixture in the prem. It's basically footy, but the players are controlled by two people using controllers. NBA 2K, Madden NFL and eFootball are also popular. 
  • Fighter Games. Unlike the slow strategising of MOBAs and RTSs, fighter games involve fast reactions. You pick one of the available characters, each of whom has his or her own special punches and combos. TEKKEN, Street Fighter, Soul Calibur and Mortal Combat are the most popular franchises. 

Most Viewed eSports

The best way to gouge the popularity of an eSport is to look at online data. For instance, you can see how many hours have been streamed on Twitch and YouTube. eSports Charts can tell you more about the viewership itself, but sometimes there is a strong correlation between the number of actual players and the game's longevity. SteamCharts can help you with this.

As for the most viewed eSport, it's definitely League of Legends (500 million), CS:GO, Overwatch and DOTA 2 have all surpassed the 70 million mark. Surprisingly, even Arena of Valor was able to join this exclusive group. 

Demographically speaking, eSports viewers are 85% male and 15% female, ranging between 18 and 34 years of age. Perhaps the biggest springboard for eSports betting sites was accessibility. Think about it - you need a paid subscription to watch the Prem on the telly. However, eSports streams are all completely free.

Money in eSports

eSports is more lucrative than ever, with million-pound prizes being the norm nowadays. According to our research, here are some stats on the top eSports and how much money is going around:




Prize Pool




Dota 2















League of Legends





Arena of Valor




eSports Gaming Genres

The best eSports bookmakers all have filtering options. That way, you won't have to scroll for ages just to find the tournament you were looking for. Filtering by genre is a perfect start. Most bookmakers and experts agree on a relatively straightforward divide.  

Most Common Betting Related Games: 




The crux of these games is to work in teams to overwhelm the opponent. Usually, players also fight the other team’s computer-controlled monsters, called creeps.


In games like CS:GO and Call of Duty, the tactics are pretty much what one might see in real-life warfare. Teams have extensive tactical preparations for each map.


The real-time strategy game StarCraft 2 is mainly dominated by South Korean pro players but is a popular game played by thousands worldwide.


Stands for Collectible Card Games. Players download the game and earn cards by beating other players, as they look to assemble the best deck possible.

Battle Royale

Fortnite and PUBG have found a great way to strike a balance between fun and graphical fidelity. Up to 100 players are dropped on a map, and the last man standing wins.


Dota Auto Chess, Dota Underlords and Teamfight Tactics (TFT) are all games that require players to prepare a strategy while the computer plays out the moves.

Fighting Games

Even though they may seem simple, games of this genre are known for their impossibly complex combos, hidden powers and other mad situations.

eSports Events

The best thing about eSports Leagues, Championships and Tournaments is that they happen year-round, and their popularity is only growing. Here are the top dogs on the international scene.  

Top Annual eSports Events:



The International

League of Legends

Fortnite World Cup


LOL World Tournament

League of Legends

LOL World Championship

League of Legends

Olympic Virtual Series

Virtual Sports

Getting Started

Now that you know what the best eSports betting sites are, let's take a look at how you can jump into the action. Follow these tidbits of advice and develop your own strategies:

1 Learn the rules of the game

Don't rely on confidence or on the fact that something seems logical. Watch YouTube guides, Let's Plays and other forms of content about the eSport. You can always wind down with a stream in the background.

2 Get to know the players and teams

Just like footballers, eSports players have their own unique skills, preferences and traits. Watching a lot of gameplay helps you notice these things, which is helpful knowledge in the long run.

3 Follow live matches and tournaments

Make a schedule and set time aside to watch the biggest eSports tournaments. If they're in a different timezone, watch it later. However, live betting is a prospect you can try to get a feel of the niche as a whole.

4 Find the best esports bookies

Don't fall for gaudy offers and big numbers. Check if a bookie is verified and licensed. Also, feel free to contact us and ask us to review it. We're always on the lookout for new eSports betting sites.

5 Never go above your budget

Even pros that wager millions a month have a strict budget. It's the only way to keep your betting a fun pastime and not an issue that impacts your life. Be responsible and never think you can outsmart the bookies.

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You can have all the talent in the world, but numbers and gameplay can't always help you at the best eSports betting sites. Our team of experts have poured their knowledge into these tips. Apply them to improve your skills.

What to Look for in a UK eSports Betting Site

You've seen a couple of unknown, new eSports betting sites pop up? If there aren't any reviews on our site, do a bit of digging and look for the following things.

License & Opinion of Players

There should always be a license stamp in the footer area of the homepage. Look in the licensor's registry, too, just to be sure. Players' reviews are also important, as you get to hear recollections and experiences that might be similar to yours.

Generous & Fair Bonuses

Most sites offer either measly bonuses or promos with unfair conditions. The best eSports bookmakers have to find the balance between lucrativeness and high wagering requirements.

Live Betting Markets

There's no excuse not to have full live betting coverage of all the biggest eSports events. Track the bookie's offer for a couple of weeks to see if they're consistent or not.

High Odds

Compare the bookie's odds to other popular eSports betting sites. If they're consistently higher, you might want to consider creating an account.

Available eSports

Everyone covers The International or the LoL World Championship, but top eSports bookmakers go deeper. Regional and lower-league play is always desirable.

Deposits & Withdrawals

To have the best possible experience, players must have access to popular payment methods. Whether it's eWallets, cards or gateways, a bookie should have a well-equipped banking section.

Customer Support

Everyone runs into a problem while betting. It happens. If that's the case, you deserve 24/7 support from the bookie's agents. Live chat is the best way to communicate with support staff, and our time values this highly while reviewing sites.

Popular eSports in UK

If you don't know what to take punts on at eSports betting sites, try these games out:

League of Legends

The most popular game in the world, LoL pits players in a 5 v 5 match in an arena with three paths. There's also the jungle area, where heroes can kill monsters and gain extra points and powers.


Largely responsible for the growth of eSports in Europe, CS:GO is one of the easiest eSports to get into. All the best eSports organisations have a Counter-Strike team, so the tournaments are always filled with quality contenders.

Call of Duty

One of the most legendary franchises, this Activision FPS lets you immerse yourself in gamified versions of historical and even futuristic conflicts. There are various game modes to take punts on.


A battle royale, Fortnite is still one of the most played games on the planet. Build structures, drive vehicles and shoot others in a last-ditch effort to be the last man standing on the map.


The Valve-developed sequel to Defense of the Ancients (DOTA), a mod for the original Warcraft III RTS. Choose a hero and join a team of five players as you look to destroy the enemy base.


Even though Overwatch 2 has arrived, the original game still has an active competitive scene. Blizzard developed this FPS to bridge the gap between classic war games such as COD and more fun hero-based titles.


Available on mobile and PC, PUBG is a battle royale where your goal is to be the last surviving player on a large map. The area is shrinking, so you have to inch closer to other players.

StarCraft 2

Still big in South Korea, SCII is one of the premier RTSs ever made. Pick one of the races, build a base and try to foil the enemy's plans.


Based on Warcraft lore and imagery, Hearthstone is the premier collectable card game in the eSports world. Players love it because it doesn't put too much strain on the PC.

Rainbow 6 Siege

The Ubisoft-developed tactical shooter combines the best of games such as Splinter Cell, COD and CS:GO into an incredibly realistic multiplayer title.

Rocket League

You and your teammates all control mini cars that can kick around a ball. Vehicular footy, if you will. It's fun to watch and easy to play, leading to the best eSports betting sites, all offering Rocket League markets.


VALORANT is very similar to Apex Legends, but it's a first-person instead of a third-person shooter. You also get to pick cool heroes and eliminate the other team.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Released in 2020, COD's very own battle royale became an instant hit. It's free-to-play and is available on PC.

Apex Legends

Players are split into teams and are put in a large arena to battle it out. Instead of picking a basic character, you can choose from a number of heroes. Last team standing wins.


Smite is like a mix between MOBAs and FPSs and is akin to Overwatch. You look at other players from a third-person view and seek to eliminate them.


There's no general consensus on what's the easiest eSport to bet on. However, most of our readers have suggested that fighter games and FPS are the most straightforward. The goal is to eliminate the opponent, and that's it.

eSports betting is perfectly safe, but only if you play on licensed and verified betting sites. By compiling data from across the industry, our team reviews new bookies all the time. If they're on our page, they're verified to be safe.

Although many countries and regulators have recognised it, eSports betting isn't legal everywhere. Most jurisdictions haven't even legally defined the term but don't mind the activities as long as they're conducted accordingly.

Yes, bookies offer live betting markets on eSports matches all the time. In fact, eSports are the best for this since everything is free and streamed on Twitch.

Watching the best players and playing yourself will greatly increase your understanding of any eSport. Just like the best football managers are former players, there's a lot to be learned in terms of tactics and mechanics by trying it out.

Yes, eSports betting bonuses exit at just about every bookmaker. Read the terms and conditions before claiming anything.

Yes, punters can pick an outright winner of any competition, just like they would do in traditional sports.

To watch eSports live, create a Twitch account and follow the top players from the games you want to bet on. You'll receive alerts for tournaments, too.

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