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Introduction to Esports Betting

Esports betting came along way since it was enjoyed almost exclusively by videogame enthusiasts. As the popularity of esports grew, so did the opportunities provided by bookies to UK punters. Today, it is possible to bet on flagship tournaments, as well as regional and local games at competitive odds. In addition to Esportsbooks who focus exclusively on video games, mainstream bookmakers offer this type of gambling. You can bet on all the popular genres pregame and in-play, while watching the live streams.

Find the Best Esportsbooks

The first decision that prospective punters need to make is between esportsbooks and classic bookmakers offering videogame betting options. The latter have a more comprehensive offer that includes traditional sports, while the former focus solely on esports. In both cases, a valid license and a stellar reputation are essential prerequisites in the recipe for success.

Welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions are to be expected and the best esportsbooks offer both of them. To make an educated decision, try to find those bonuses that are not only sizable but also easy to claim. Wagering requirements do apply, but they must be sensible, so you end up enjoying these freebies.

In order to make an educated decision, you should also pay close attention to the live betting offer. Top esportsbooks will allow and facilitate in-play wagering with live streams and odds that are updated quickly. The number of special markets decreases sharply once the games begin, but the best bookmakers still offer a decent array of betting options.

Make use of Smart Esports Betting Tips

Videogame betting isn’t rocket science, but just like any other type of gambling, it is subject to the house edge. In order to level the playing field and boost your odds of winning, you could use these simple but effective betting tips. They can be used to tackle the challenges of all the popular gaming genres

  • Play the game before betting - this is the first and most important esports betting tip. In order to get a better understanding of what happens in the game and gain an advantage, you should play first. Punters who also have hands-on experience videogames are far more likely to be successful.
  • Use statistics to your advantage - the head to head record and recent form obviously matter when betting on esports, but there are other statistics to take into account. Some teams perform better against certain opponents, while struggling against ones that have a particular play style.
  • Seek value in special markets - betting on the favorites to win all the time is a surefire way of going bankrupt. Instead, try to play through the strength of individual teams and professional gamers. In multiplayer online battle arena games such as League of Legends or Dota 2 consider betting on the team to destroy the first tower, score the first blood or kill the first Dragon.

How do we Review Esportsbooks?

We look at every aspect of an esportsbooks before recommending one and these are the main focal points:

  • Licensed and regulated - we only consider and endorse licensed and reputable esportsbooks
  • Generous bonuses - players are eligible for sizable bonuses that can be cleared with relative ease
  • Live betting and streaming - you can bet in-play and watch the games live through streaming
  • Market Diversity - you can wager on in-game objectives and special betting markets.

The Most Popular Esports Games

League of Legends and Dota 2 are the two most popular games that belong to the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. These games have the most fans globally and the best paid and most watched tournaments.

Counter Strike Global Offensive and Call of Duty are the flagship first-person shooter games. They have been played at competitive level for decades and dominate the FPS genre in the esports category.

StarCraft 2 proudly continues the tradition started by Blizzard’s first esports phenomenon. It is the most successful and worldwide enjoyed real-time strategy game, with account following in South Korea.


Is esports betting as profitable as traditional sports?

Video games betting can be just as lucrative as football, tennis or other classic sports. Research goes a long way and with the right information you can enjoy success when betting on esports.

Which are the most popular videogames for betting?

League of Legends and Dota 2 are the preferred games among MOBA enthusiasts. First-person shooter fans can wager on Counter Strike Global Offensive and Call of Duty, while RTS fans have Starcraft 2.

What makes an esport bookmaker a good choice?

Narrow down the search for the best esports book by choosing licensed and regulated ones. Take a closer look at the welcome bonuses and ongoing offers, as well as game varieties and live betting options.

Can I bet live and watch the games in real-time?

The best bookmakers offering esports betting options have a vibrant live dealer section. You can watch the games in real-time through the live streams available for free to all registered players.

Which are the best paying esports markets?

Esports books offer competitive odds on outright winners of major tournaments and publish the odds well in advance. Decent value is also offered to those who choose in game objectives and spread betting.

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