How to Buy Lottery Tickets Online in 2023 in the UK

Lotteries come in many different shapes and sizes. The core concept is simple enough, but the variety of games makes it appeal to a broad audience. Each lottery has various forms, types, and prize pools to help it stand out from its rivals. With real-world and online lotteries, players always have something exciting to look forward to. Are you ready to try your luck in the UK’s many lotteries? We discuss everything you need to know about online lotteries, tackle frequent questions, and give tips

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Many of us are familiar with the thrill of the lottery. The chance of scoring a big prize is attractive, enough to tempt players into playing despite the odds. Like casino game progressive jackpots, lotteries continue to grow in value until one lucky person wins it all. And if you do not buy a ticket to participate, you have no shot at being that lucky person.

Lotteries have a long history owing to their straightforward rules. Join us for a brief tour of how lotteries came to be and how they became a gambling mainstay.

Birth of the Lottery

The concept of a lottery dates back all the way to ancient China. Evidence shows that residents purchased Keno slips from the Han dynasty in China as early as 205 BC to 187 BC. These sales helped China’s ruling dynasty construct the Great Wall of China. Using lotteries to increase state finances would carry over to the modern era.

Lotteries were a perfect way to handle gambling in an older era. Initially, participants drew wood or lots to determine the winner. Eventually, lotteries settled into the form we know today. Players purchase tickets and select numbers, and then a series of numbered balls get drawn randomly. The person who correctly predicts part or the whole winning combination wins a prize.

However, lotteries were not always legal. We saw many countries ban the lottery and other forms of gambling during the 19th and 20th centuries. In some countries, we still see gambling restrictions or outright bans. However, most places reintroduced lotteries and casinos in the 1960s to increase revenue without raising taxes.

Lotteries in the Modern Era

Legalizing lotteries allowed governments to set strict rules on who could participate and how to run these competitions. However, rapid technological advancement made online lotteries extremely popular, which forced governments to adapt to keep up with the changes.

Lotto prizes offer a fixed amount of cash, valuable goods, or a fixed percentage of money earned from tickets. A portion of the pool is usually set aside for charities and other good causes. That way, participants feel good about playing the lottery even if they do not win.

Playing online lotteries gives players countless options on what kind of lotto experience they want. Countries usually restrict lotteries to their residents, though some are available to all interested players across the globe.

Why Play Lotteries Online?

Going out of your way to buy tickets in person is optional unless you want to stretch your legs. Nowadays, lotteries have optimized everything, allowing you to go from start to finish online. Register, pick your numbers, cross your fingers and hope you get lucky!

Online lotteries offer the same experience that traditional lotteries bring you. However, not being tied to the real world allows for much more variety. Plus, being able to play in international lotteries can create some massive rewards. It will take heaps of luck to come close to the top prize, but you will have the time of your life if you do.

Other benefits:

  • Exclusive online features
  • Flexibility
  • Bonuses & promotions
  • Replay options

Your tickets get saved to the account you registered. That means you cannot lose or forget your ticket as long as you remember your username and password.

Ready to dive into the world of playing lotteries online? Read on, and we will prepare you for that new adventure.

Lotteries on Mobile

The explosive success of smartphones and tablets led to the internet reaching new heights. That also extends to lotteries, with all reputable lotto sites available on mobile. It does not matter if you use iOS or Android devices. Some lotteries allow you to register and play directly from the website. Others have dedicated apps you download and play. Either way, you get the pleasure of playing on the go.

Playing on mobile is the most convenient way to enjoy lotteries. The app or website allows you to sign in and play through your account no matter where you are. You can purchase and review tickets just like you can on personal computers. With most websites now optimized for mobile, you will not have any issues playing lotto with a smartphone or tablet.

Terms & Conditions

Regardless if you play lottos in the UK or internationally, each has its rules we have to follow. Players should read the terms & conditions of each lottery so as not to break them accidentally. However, most T&C list the following requirements for participants.

  • Gamblers must be of legal age to play the lottery.
  • Winnings must be claimed within the specified period.
  • You have read and agree to the site’s terms and conditions.
  • You accept the lottery’s privacy policy.
  • The prize will be shared if several players score the winning combination.
  • You can win secondary prizes by correctly predicting some numbers.
  • Players can bet the same numbers without restrictions.
  • You cannot pick more than six numbers unless otherwise specified.

UK Lotteries

  • National Lottery – state-franchised national lottery, established in 1994.
  • Health Lottery – Twelve regional lotteries, funds go to health-related good causes
  • People’s Postcode Lottery – monthly subscription, prizes shared for all winning tickets in one postcode
  • Age UK Lottery – lottery raising funds for vital services for older people

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission monitors all listed lotteries, meaning they follow all required rules and regulations.


We do not have a crystal ball to peek into the future and share some winning numbers. However, we have a couple of tips to help boost your odds of success at the lottery.

Getting Started

Online lotteries do a great job of keeping the process of buying tickets simple. A few easy steps are all it takes to get sorted out and ready to play. We go over each step and how they benefit you below.

1 Register With Your Preferred Lottery Site

Players can enjoy hundreds of UK and global lotteries online. The first step to an excellent lottery experience is picking which of these sites is the best one for you. You could hunt for it manually or check out our list of recommended safe lottery websites. All the websites we suggest are ones we tested and confirmed as safe.

2 Select the Country You Want To Play In

UK players do not have to play UK-specific lotteries. We can play almost any lottery in the world, regardless of whether we are citizens of that country. However, you should double-check the lottery rules to ensure you are eligible to participate.

3 Pick the Lottery You Want to Play

Players can select a local lottery or one of the many international lotteries. Local UK lotteries often donate funds to charities and other good causes based in the country. We recommend picking lottos with the best odds of winning.

4 Select Which Type of Lottery You Wish to Play

You can enjoy well-known one-drum lotteries or pick one of the multi-drum releases with multipliers and extra draws. We compiled a list of the most exciting lotto games that we recommend checking out below.

5 Choose Your Lucky Numbers

When picking lucky numbers, you usually get a set of six numbers to choose from. The numbers range from one to forty-nine. However, these details might be different depending on what game you play. Some lottos also give you an option of letting the software randomly pick lucky numbers for you. Additionally, some titles offer additional bonuses and perks, so be on the lookout for those!

6 Purchase Your Lotto Ticket Online

After selecting your lucky numbers and sorting out the specifics, it is time to pay for your ticket. Select what payment method you want to use and then confirm the transaction. UK online lottery sites allow you to pay with debit cards, PayPal, and several UK-supported e-wallets. Some websites also accept cryptocurrency payments.

7 Wait for the Draw

Mark down the date to keep an eye on when the draw is happening. How long you wait depends on the lotto you sign up for. If you are uncertain when it is happening, you can check the status of your digital ticket.

8 Collect the Winnings

UK players do not have to pay taxes on any lottery winnings. Additionally, most lotteries do not charge a commission for the reward you win. Smaller wins usually get paid instantly. More significant sums will usually take a bit longer to process but usually get paid out all at once unless specified otherwise.

National vs Regional Lotteries

The UK’s lotteries are primarily national lotteries, with just a few regional lottos here and there. Generally, you can expect the following differences between national and regional lotteries.

National Lotteries Regional Lotteries
One or more weekly draws Two or more draws per week
Available anywhere in the country Usually restricted to the region
Usually boasts a massive jackpot Usually has a smaller jackpot
Many participants Fewer participants
Lower odds of scoring the jackpot Higher chance of winning the jackpot

Lottery Game Types

When we talk about lotteries, most imagine the typical lotto as a machine drawing numbered balls. However, lottos have become much more diverse over the years. British players can expect the following releases if they play online:

The Lotto

Numbered lotto games are still the most popular online lottery game type. Most such games have you picking six lucky numbers from 49 total, though some lottos shake up that formula by adding more numbers. This lotto usually draws twice a week and has payouts in the millions.

Bonus Sessions

Bonus sessions are extra draws that happen during a single lottery session, which gives players extra odds of winning. Depending on the game, you either pick new numbers or use the same numbers from the primary draw. Bonus sessions usually have a lower initial ticket cost because they expect participants to spend more during the draw.


Some lottos forgo additional sessions in favour of multipliers. Multipliers boost all payouts except for the top prize, which makes them more attractive. Ticket prices on multiplier games are usually lower, which helps draw in a broad audience.

Scratch Cards

Scratches offer the fun of lottos with the instant gratification of seeing if you won. Click or tap parts of the scratch card to reveal what lies beneath the surface. Get the matching symbols or numbers, and you win the appropriate prize.

Daily Lotto Draws

If you want the fun of lottos but dislike waiting, you can try your luck with daily lotto draws. These games usually draw once or twice a day and only have you pick three or four numbers. Daily lotto draws have smaller prizes, but faster rounds give you better odds since fewer players overall are playing.

Mini Lottos

As the name implies, mini lottos are miniature versions of lotteries. The ticket costs are lower, and the prize pool UK players can win is smaller. Almost all websites have a mini lottery game with multiple daily draws.

Multi-Countries Lotteries

Some lotteries are available internationally. Multi-country lottos benefit from a massive player base, which often translates into huge jackpots. Great examples of multi-country lotteries are the EuroMillions lotto or the US Powerball. Prize pools can reach life-changing numbers, but you have to get incredibly lucky to get close to winning them.


Syndicate lottos allow players to group up, increasing the chances of winning. This group purchases lottery tickets together and shares winnings among members. The UK’s National Lottery supports lotto syndicates for many of their games.

Quick Pick

Most of us like taking our time picking out our lucky numbers. However, Quick Pick lottos use software to pick the numbers for you. If you want to get through a lottery ticket super fast, Quick Pick lottos are for you.

Advance play

Advance play allows participants to purchase tickets for multiple draws in the future. Using advance play means picking the same numbers for all the lottery drawings. Depending on the game, you can play as far as a few months ahead.

Popular Online Lotteries Globally

Online lotteries revolutionized the way many of us enjoy these games. They made playing lottos more convenient and opened the door for playing lotteries in other countries. From the comfort of your home or while riding the bus, the world and its countless offers are just one click or tap away. If you want to spread your wings and see what the internet offers, you should check out the following lotteries:

US Powerball – USA

To enter the US Powerball lotto, you must put down at least $2. We pick five numbers between 1 and 69 for white balls and one from 1 to 26 for the red Powerball. The game draws twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday. UK players can participate and try to win the big prize.

MegaMillions – USA

MegaMillions is another international-friendly US jackpot game. Players can win the prize every Tuesday and Friday. This lotto is the only one with Match 5 prizes up to $5 million and has an optional Megaplier.

The National Lottery – UK

We cannot talk about online lotteries without mentioning the UK National Lottery. It offers several games and has an impressive rolling jackpot we can score. This lottery is only available to UK residents; no international competition here.


EuroMillions is a properly international lotto, accepting bets from Austria, the UK, Belgium, France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Even non-citizens are eligible to try their luck, with draws every Thursday and Friday. It costs £2.5 per ticket, and you could win between £230 and £250 million.

Australia Powerball

The Australian Powerball is an Aussie-only lotto that gets drawn every Thursday. The biggest reward it ever produced was in 2019 when a player won AUD150 million.


EuroJackpot is run among several European countries, but UK players can participate through eligible websites. Winning tickets can score anywhere from €10 to €120 million. Draws happen every Friday.

Oz Lotto

If you want an Australian lottery that UK players can play, we have Oz Lotto. It accepts non-citizens and draws results twice a week: Monday and Wednesday. It has a winning pool of $1 million, with super draws going up to $5 million. A $0.55 ticket lets you pick seven numbers in a panel with prizes for over three correct numbers and the supplementary number.

Other Lotteries

UK players can participate in Powerball – Australia, El Gordo, Australian Monday Lotto, La Primitiva, Loteria Nacional, SuperEnaLotto, BonoLoto, Australian Saturday Lotto, and Australian Wednesday Lotto, among others.


Players in the UK have no specific restrictions on what international lotteries they can participate in. You can join if the terms do not block you from registering and playing.

The best lottery is the one you have the best chance of winning. Lotteries with lower prize pools may not be as exciting, but winning something beats winning nothing.

Sure. The websites we recommend are trustworthy and safe. Online lottery sites must be fully encrypted to safeguard your personal info and financial details.

The more participants there are in a lottery, the lower your odds of winning are. However, more entrants also mean a bigger jackpot at the end.

Lottery syndicates are groups of players who buy lottery tickets together and share the winnings. They are an excellent way of raising your chances of winning the prize.

The most significant online global lottery is the US Powerball. The jackpot for this lottery usually goes up to $200 million.

It is 100% legal for players in the UK to play the lottery. However, some countries ban lotteries and all other forms of online gambling.

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