THEO Technologies and iGameMedia Launching Low-Latency Streaming Solution

Ivan P. - April 20, 2023
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The new streaming product will feature a delay of just two seconds, with a sub-second delay option for the partners who require it.

One of the leading companies in the sports broadcasting niche, iGameMedia, has partnered up with THEO Technologies to bring out a brand-new low-latency solution for sports streaming. The new product is planned to go live in May 2023, and it will be available exclusively at bet365.

So far, the industry standard for streaming was HLS, with a latency of seven to eight seconds. At the same time, the data feed for the betting markets moves at around 1-2 seconds, limiting the usefulness of live video streams.

The new solution developed by the two companies aims to rectify the situation, significantly lowering the latency and aligning the video streams with data feeds.

A New Generation Product

The new product will be delivered to the partners via iGameMedia's One Platform API, allowing for simple integration. The API is integrated with all leading Sports Rights holders, mapping event IDs from multiple vendors into a single ID.

iGameMedia partners will have access to this new platform that will feature ultra-low latency of just two seconds. For those who require it, the company will also offer streams with sub-second latency. All this will lead to a significantly improved user experience.

15 Years in the Making

According to Mike Cobain, iGameMedia's Chief Executive, the company has been working on developing a sub-second streaming solution for close to 15 years, and they are delighted about the partnership with THEO Technologies, whose HESP protocol provides the only currently viable solution for low-latency streaming at the required scale.

HESP is also a segment-based protocol with many convenient features, including the ability to respond to poor network conditions, seamlessly switching to a lower bit rate. iGameMedia is now ready to launch the product with bet365 and Infront Bettor, a rights agency, providing the first full-scale low-latency B2C solution in the industry.

Introducing iGameMedia

iGameMedia is a trailblazing company that leads the global market in collecting and sharing live sports events with the sports betting industry. They deliver some of the most renowned sports events from the stadium to the customers to provide their partners with the ultimate user experience.

Their cutting-edge ultra-low latency OTT streaming platform, ONE Platform, has been specifically designed for the sportsbook market. This Platform is a content aggregation and integration solution that delivers all digital sports content provisions via a unified content API. In addition, they offer 100% fixture mapping consistency across critical content providers, making it easier for users to access and engage with the content they want.

About THEO Technologies

At THEO Technologies, they strive to revolutionize video streaming over the Internet. Their flagship product, THEOplayer, empowers top media and entertainment companies to offer state-of-the-art video playback on any device. They have also developed the High-Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP) and are among the founding members of the HESP Alliance. Their most recent innovation, THEOlive, is the first HESP-based real-time video API on a large scale for interactive entertainment, sports betting, and iGaming. It enables its users to deliver high-quality sub-second latency video to any audience size.

About bet365

bet365 is the largest online sports betting company globally, with an annual sportsbook revenue of nearly $4 billion and over 6,000 employees worldwide. Their world-class proprietary product offers the industry's most extensive range of in-play sports betting events, with over 80 sports and over 780,000 live video-streamed annually. They cater to 88 million registered customers in over 160 countries worldwide.

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