UK Government White Paper Brings Fans into the Fold for iGaming Sponsorship Decisions

Lee R. - March 4, 2023
UK Flag & Gambling

The new white paper in the UK makes fans a major influencer in executive football team sponsorship decisions.

The UK government has published a key football white paper to define guidelines for teams proactively to mitigate financial risk and remain more connected to their core fan base.

The First White Paper

The UK government has published the initial two white papers to address the management of the current structure of British football.

Issues Addressed

Headed by parliament member Tracey Crouch, the white paper directly addresses changes to the pyramid structure of football clubs through the new football regulation model being implemented and enforced across the UK market.

New Football Regulation

The establishment of the football regulator is the subject of the first white paper, seeking to empower football fans with greater influence on how football clubs are run as a measure to mitigate greater financial risk to all stakeholders within the existing structure.

UK Prime Minister Comments

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had a lot to say about the impact of this first white paper:

Since its inception over 165 years ago, English football has been bringing people together, providing a source of pride for communities and inspiration to millions of fans across the country.

Bringing Fans into the Fold

According to Sunak, the new stability measures “will put fans back at the heart of football, protect the rich heritage and traditions of our much-loved clubs and safeguard the beautiful game for future generations.”

New Requirements

New requirements for club owners to consult with supporters on promotional matters such as team names, badges, colours, and design of home kits.

Addressing Current Obstacles

The new measures directly respond to fans taking issue with certain rebranding decisions across the market, such as Cardiff City’s colour change from blue to red and the renaming of Hull City’s name to Hull Tigers.

Impact on iGaming

According to the report, the increased influence of supporters has a key impact on betting sponsorship deals and general wagering. The white paper is set to provide reviews of the gambling act as well.

Fan Lobby Interests

The placation of the fans is not just an answer to specific issues but a response to fan groups who have been actively lobbying for some time for changes in the level of influence that football clubs have on sponsorship and gaming deals. Recent examples include the piecemeal disapproval Aston Villa and Everton fans voiced when their major clubs signed new partnerships with operators this season.


Ultimately, the white paper phases out premier league teams signing new sponsorships with gaming companies without fan approval as a true landmark moment for the influential UK market.

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