UK Government Proposes Mandatory Gambling Levy: A New Chapter in Gambling Regulation

OCR Editor. - October 17, 2023
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To combat the harms of gambling, the UK government unveils a proposed mandatory gambling levy, estimated to raise £100.0m annually, transforming the landscape of gambling regulation in the country.

In an unprecedented move, the UK government has introduced a consultation to roll out a mandatory gambling levy. This strategy is designed to raise a considerable sum of £100.0m (€115.5m/$121.7m) annually, directed towards research, education, and treatment (RET) focused on gambling-related harms.

Enforcing Fair Contributions

The suggested statutory levy, anchored in the Gambling Act white paper, mandates that all UK-licensed operators make their contributions. With a more structured approach, this move seeks to replace the current voluntary system, where operators decide their payment amounts. Online gambling entities will face a 1% fee on their gross gambling yields, while traditional betting outlets and casinos will have a reduced price of approximately 0.4%. The consultation is available for input until 14 December.

Lucy Frazer, the Culture Secretary, emphasized the significance of this proposed levy, stating,

This consultation enables stakeholders, from the industry to the public, to voice their opinions on the levy's workings. It's a monumental step towards creating a secure environment, allowing millions to gamble safely.

Revolutionizing NHS Investment

With the implementation of this levy, the gambling industry's discretion on fund allocation will diminish. The authoritative role will transition to the Gambling Commission, which will assign funding to the NHS and the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). This direct funding promises substantial financial support for the NHS across England, Scotland, and Wales. The government envisions broader access to treatment for those facing gambling-induced issues and a holistic, national approach to preventing gambling-related harm.

Stuart Andrew, the Gambling Minister, highlighted the urgency of this initiative. He stated, "This consultation moves us nearer to allocating £100.0m for research, prevention, and treatment. Gambling entities need to contribute their fair share, and this levy will legally ensure that."

Expansion of Gambling Addiction Clinics

Earlier this year, the NHS unveiled plans to inaugurate seven new gambling addiction clinics across England. This is in tandem with the existing clinics, with an additional specialized clinic in London focusing on children and young gamers.

Health Minister Neil O'Brien underlined the implications of harmful gambling and the new clinics' critical role. He expressed, "Twelve of the fifteen proposed NHS gambling clinics are operational, offering invaluable support. The remaining three will commence by year-end."

Industry Feedback: BGC's Support

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) has supported the levy. However, they advocate for its application across all operators, including the National Lottery, without affecting charitable contributions.

The White Paper's Broader Impacts

The proposed levy is one facet of a comprehensive strategy delineated in the white paper. The paper addresses critical areas like player affordability checks, with specifics such as stake limits and potential easing restrictions on land-based casinos. There's also a push for introducing a gambling ombudsperson to streamline customer queries.


This monumental move by the UK Government marks a potential paradigm shift in gambling regulations. Introducing a mandatory levy showcases a concerted effort towards creating a safer gambling environment, ensuring the industry's commitment to addressing the broader societal impacts of gambling.

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