UK Commission Imposes £316,000 Fine on TGP

OCR Editor. - April 7, 2023
Euro Bills Fine

The UKGC has recently imposed a fine of £316,250 on TGP Europe, a white-label operator, for multiple failures related to anti-money laundering (AML) and social responsibility. The UKGC found that TGP Europe had not adequately addressed these issues, resulting in a significant penalty.

White Label Operator TGP Europe Fined £316,250 by Gambling Commission for AML and Social Responsibility Failures.
In a recent development, TGP Europe, a white-label operator, has been fined £316,250 by the Gambling Commission for several anti-money laundering (AML) and social responsibility failures. In addition to the fine, TGP Europe has received an official warning. Furthermore, its license has added conditions specifying the actions that must be taken to ensure thorough due diligence checks.

Despite triggering multiple safer gambling alerts, the Gambling Commission has accused TGP Europe of allowing customers to continue gambling without intervention. The operator allegedly relied on automated interactions with consumers when these alerts were triggered without assessing their effectiveness or exploring alternative approaches, such as telephone interactions.

The licensee cooperated with the Commission throughout the investigation and took corrective steps to address the identified failings.

Said Andrew Rhodes, Chief Executive of the UK Gambling Commission.

The social responsibility failures of TGP Europe have resulted in significant consequences, including the imposed fine, official warning, and license conditions. Accordingly, the operator is expected to take necessary measures to rectify the identified shortcomings and ensure future compliance with AML and social responsibility regulations.

UKGC Fines TGP Europe £316,250 for AML and White Label Failures
TGP Europe, a white label operator, has been fined £316,250 by the UKGC for multiple anti-money laundering (AML) and white label agreements failures. The Commission has identified several shortcomings, including inadequate AML assessments, failure to mitigate risks associated with B2B relationships, and ineffective policies for due diligence in white-label agreements.

The UKGC has stated that TGP Europe did not conduct thorough assessments to address risks such as players providing false or stolen identification and risks associated with unusually large transactions. In addition, the company was found to be lacking in considering and mitigating money laundering risks associated with its B2B relationships. It was deemed to have ineffective policies and procedures for due diligence before entering into white-label agreements.

TGP Europe operates 19 websites through various white-label deals, including several Asian-facing gambling companies such as,, and The operator also runs UK websites for several crypto casinos, such as and, although crypto betting is currently illegal under UK law. However, the white-label agreements allow these businesses to advertise and receive authorization to sponsor sports teams legally.

The imposed fine, along with the disciplinary action by the UKGC, highlights the need for improved AML measures and due diligence in the operations of white-label operators like TGP Europe. Furthermore, it serves as a reminder for the gambling industry to comply with regulations and mitigate risks associated with money laundering and other illegal activities.

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