The Future of iGaming: Interview with ATMOSFERA

Admin. - August 18, 2021

OCR UK interview with ATMOSFERA goes into the details of the new company, their history and founding ideas, and the future plans that the developer has for the coming months. Find out how newer software developers compete with the long standing com

OCR: ATMOSFERA is a relatively new player in the iGaming industry. Can you tell us a little bit about how the company was first started and what your vision was for it in those early days? How has that vision turned to reality so far?

From the moment our company was launched on the market, in February 2020, already past a year and a half. Everyone has their own associations with the word "new". There are a lot of commonly known meanings, but we understand it as being fast-growing, modern, progressive, proactive, flexible, sometimes even unpredictable. It is always better to be a “fresh” player than an “over” player.

Obviously, our company is growing and changing, but what still remains the same is our ambitions, drive and expertise that has grown with time. We started working on analytics to understand better who our players are and what they need. As a result, now we work more boldly and confidently with product solutions.

OCR: From what we understand, you like to be close to the product development process and engage with your team in turning concepts into finalized products. Please tell us more about this approach and how it has been working for you?

From the very beginning until mid-2020 I’ve been focused on strategic aspects: markets, partners, positioning, hiring key employees. After achieving good results in the above aspects I was ready to plunge into product work and reflect my thoughts in it. By that time, workflow was thoroughly organised, each block knew what to do and most importantly why. We regularly work with data, studying user experience, market and player preferences, competitors' solutions, and conduct different types of testing. All of this gives us now much more confidence in creating our own product solutions. 

OCR: Your games are unique and different than the competition in many ways. Tell us about where the concepts for your games come from and what kind of a process is in place in terms of turning those concepts into final products.

I'm glad to see how the industry is growing. There are quite a few representatives of the bet on numbers product category. The uniqueness of ATMOSFERA still lies in our exclusive studios. We have placed our bets on TV standards in the online world and as you can see - this was a winning bet!

My main role in product development is in ensuring that the product meets our approved games development procedure - easy entry into the game, way of betting, cozy studio atmosphere and good coefficients.

OCR: What is ATMOSFERA working on at the moment? Are there new games coming up soon that you can tell us about or other projects that could be exciting for our readers?

An updated Live Roulette will be released next month. This is the result of working the bugs out, when we experimented with the user experience. A product from the Game Show category will be released in October. One of the unique features of our product is the player's ability to choose an interface theme. RTP is more interesting, I think. We are updating Keno, actively preparing for HiLo, then Blackjack and Baccarat. You can find all news and exclusives of the company in ATMOSFERA profile on Linkedin.

OCR: What about the future of ATMOSFERA? Are there some big plans for the upcoming years that you can share? Where do you see the company in five years from today? What is the vision?

Next year we are going to actively engage in certification and obtain new licenses for B2B operations. We should expand the number of Live Roulette tables’ localizations. Now we are creating our first exclusive studio for a partner, details on the matter will be shared soon. 

In order to obtain better results next year we plan to increase our product development team and their work. We are not modest when it comes to our goals and in the next 5 years from now, I see our company in the top 5 of the world's major providers.

Visit ATMOSFERA site to learn more about the company and its games.

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