Special Report: Slots Games with Higher Betting Limits 2014

Admin. - March 26, 2014

Find out what slots games you should play in 2014!

Nearly every casino game has minimum and maximum betting limits. The reason that games have limits is partially to control who plays the games but more importantly betting limits are set to differentiate games form one another. 

For instance, a casino game with a low house edge will often have a higher betting limit. In addition, games with higher payouts will also have higher limits than other casino games. 

A higher betting limit does not mean that only high rollers can enjoy those games – both casual and VIP players can enjoy games with higher betting limits. As stated, it may actually be advantageous for players to enjoy higher limit games as they can win bigger prizes. 

When discussing betting limits, most players immediately think of table games but betting limits not only apply to table games but to slots games as well. 

Determining the Highest Wagering Limits for Slots Games in 2014

During the 1st quarter of 2014, data was collected on all players at Casino Las Vegas, Casino King and SCasino. This data is based on both VIP and non-VIP players. 

This data includes information gathered on casual players and high rollers who have wagered and played the listed slots games. The analysis of this data has shown that the games listed below are the most popular in regards to highest limits. 

In January and February of 2014, the following games were concluded to have the highest betting limits:

  •         Gladiator: This slots game is based on the Hollywood blockbuster of the same name. This game features all of the characters from this epic film
  •         Sparta: This slots game is themed after the ancient Greek warriors of Sparta. This game offers intense action and non-stop excitement.
  •         Iron Man: This slots game is based on the Marvel superhero Iron Man. Players can save the world and win big at the same time.
  •         Cop N’Bandits: This slots game features the classic cops and robbers theme. There is plenty of fun and excitement available with this iconic slots game. 
  •         Wild Games: This slots game features adorable cartoon characters and offers light-hearted entertainment.
  •         Thor: Thor slots is based on the superhero of the same name. Players can fight evil alongside Thor and his mighty hammer. 
  •         Penguin Vacation: Penguin vacation is a perfect game for penguin enthusiasts everywhere. 
  •         Fantastic Four: Fantastic Four slots is themed after the Fantastic Four superheroes and offers high-flying action and excitement.
  •         Thai Paradise: Thai Paradise is an exotic-themed slots game. Players can sit back, relax and enjoy the island paradise.
  •         Panther Moon: This adventure-themed slots game offers great prizes and top-notch action
  •         Lotto Madness: Lotto Madness is perfect for slots fans and lotto enthusiasts alike!
  •         Happy Bugs: This adorable slots game features cheerful bugs and great winnings.

 This information was provided by Casino Las Vegas, SCasino, Noble Casino and Casino King.

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