Poker Scholarship Promotion

Admin. - February 16, 2009

Young poker player trying to save for college? Here's your answer.

Poker can definitely serve as a means for practicing strategic thinking. It can be viewed as a form of education, if you wish.

Now, with the launch of, hosted by Cool Hand Poker, it can actually send you to college!

The poker room supports free play and does not take any players' funds. Instead, with tournaments twice a week, young players can train and win - win big.
The main prize is a €30,000 scholarship fund that will send you - the young, 18-26 year-old poker player - to college.

College Reps
The College Reps is another way to earn some extra cash - some $5 for every student you recruit to the Championships.

Moreover, by becoming a rep, you stand the chance to win $1,000 extra, given out monthly from February 2009 until May 2009 to those Campus Reps who qualify for the monthly 'Rewards Rumble.'



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