Online Bingo Saves the Day

Published December 7, 2008

Online Bingo Saves the Day

All Bingo Club proposes green initiative alongside WWF to save red-eye tree frogs.

Here is a company that truly puts their money where their mouth is.

The UK's only green bingo online destination has taken a bold initiative by adopting several red-eyed tree frogs.

The endangered species are facing the threat of extinction but thankfully All Bingo Club - a product of All Jackpot Factory - and the World Wildlife Fund have come together for a good purpose.

Deep jungle creatures
This Christmas these little creatures from South and Central America will be the benefactors of a 'green' charity sponsored by All Bingo Club and WWF. Other nominated animals include the UK's Red Squirrel.

With the environment as a top priority All Bingo Club is looking to enlist support from members. All new members will have trees planted in their honour as well as exciting eco-awareness and eco-prizes.

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