Gambling in the UK: Survey Results

Admin. - May 16, 2013

Who’s playing what and how do you compare?

The UK Gambling Commission has just published the January to March 2013 Gambling Participation survey results. Their findings are based on the answers of 4,000 survey participants across the UK. So how often are Brits betting?

Less than half a percent of those surveyed had played Poker in the four weeks leading up to the survey, but of those who had, 18 percent played at least twice a week, 24 percent played once a week, 7 percent played once a month, and the remaining 51 percent play even less frequently than that.

But that’s just Poker... what about other forms of gambling? 58 percent of those surveyed had gambled in some form in the four weeks leading up to the survey – that’s a whole percent (about 40 people) more than the previous survey; also up one percent is the number of online players, from 14 to 15%. However, once you exclude the National Lottery online, that figure falls to 8%, exactly the same as last time. Are you gambling more than you were last year or do you know more people who are?

Interestingly, those who gambled recently were more likely to be men than women. Does this survey represent you?

Gambling online only as opposed to both online and in person was the most popular method for sports betting, spread betting, and casino games. After that, participants reported betting only in person. It was least likely that UK players would play both online and in person regularly.

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