Even Money Odds to 2012 Being Wettest Year

Admin. - December 4, 2012

William Hill makes "wettest year" prediction; goes from 2/1 to even money.

Could 2012 be the wettest year in the UK since people started recording weather? Consider: the current record holder is the year 2000, during which 1337.3 mm of rain poured on the UK nationwide. As of the end of October 2012, 1013.8 mm of rain have already fallen over the country. And the latest rainfall statistics in some places in the UK reveal a November total of up to 225 mm. So it won’t take a lot of rain to break the 2000 record.

By the end of November, there was no letup as torrential downpours continued to drench the UK, claiming lives, flooding homes, and causing misery

The money is on 2012 to be the wettest year since records beganWilliam Hill spokesman Rupert Adams stated that the year started with as much as a 33/1 odds. After all the rainfall this past summer, the bookmaker offered 2/1 that 2012 is officially the wettest year. But as of now, the UK’s largest bookmaker has halved the price for this prediction from 2/1 to even money. Another William Hill spokesman, Joe Crilly, said: "It was a good job we all had the Olympics to occupy us this summer because weather-wise 2012 has been miserable and there is every possibility that this year could be the wettest ever."

Other Weather Specials from William Hill

UK rainfall was just one of William Hill’s betting opportunities. Other Weather Specials markets include:

·         Lowest temperature in England to be beaten by April 30th, 2013

·         Lowest temperature in Wales to be beaten by April 30th, 2013

·         Lowest temperature in Scotland to be beaten by April 30th, 2013

As for snow on Christmas Day 2012, the odds are YES, it will snow. The odds range from 3/1 (Aberdeen) to 7/1 (Cardiff).

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