Edinburgh Fringe Festival Kicks Off

Admin. - August 11, 2010

Gambling's a funny business.

The 2010 Edinburgh Fringe Festival takes place 6 - 30 August and will attract visitors from across the globe. With an array of weird and wonderful performances both at venues and also spilling out into the cobbled streets of this picturesque city, buskers, street theatre and live entertainment will be creating a wonderful atmosphere.

The Funny Side of Gambling

In 2007, Dave Ward, an ex jailbird whose life spun out of control after acquiring a gambling addiction, took to the stage, having found the ability to use humor to tell his tale.

Online casinos can be entertaining fun and funny too.

In the spirit of the Edinburgh Festival, OCR brings you three gambling-themed jokes to put a smile on your face, or perhaps make your groan.

Q: What did the dealer say to the deck of cards?

A: "I can't deal with you anymore."

Q: What do dealers eat for dessert?

A: Dice pudding.

Q. Did you hear about the new 3 million dollar State Lottery?

A. The winner gets 3 dollars a year for a million years.

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