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OCR Editor. - August 1, 2023
Choice 21 Blackjack via Bet365 Games

bet365 Games has introduced a thrilling twist to the classic blackjack game with their exclusive Choice21 Blackjack. Experience the rush of up to six additional side bets, offering multiple ways to win. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, this innovative variant caters to all levels of expertise.

Experience the World of Choice21 Blackjack, an Exclusive Game by bet365 Games!

Get ready for an exhilarating online gaming experience with the exclusive release of Choice21 Blackjack on bet365 Games. This innovative variant takes the classic blackjack game to new heights by offering up to six additional side bets, giving players numerous opportunities to enjoy endless excitement.

A Plethora of Side Bets for Bigger Wins

bet365 Gaming has taken the player-favorite game and added exciting side bets, enhancing the gameplay and providing extra opportunities for lucrative rewards. Players can now enjoy a variety of side bets in one simple format, adding an extra layer of excitement to every game round.

With the introduction of side bets like Perfect Pairs™ and Suit em Up™, players can revel in the thrill of immediately revealing matching card values or suits in their hands for a win. Additionally, a hand total of 20 or Queens can award a Lucky Ladies™ prize, further adding to the anticipation.

Thrilling Combinations with Dealer's Cards

As you wait for the dealer's first face-up card, you can strategize to create your own winning combinations. Watch for a 21+3™ or Lucky Lucky™ combination, which can bring thrilling moments of anticipation and joy.

Even if the game round seems to be winding down, with Buster Blackjack™, you can still win if the dealer exceeds a hand total of 21. So keep playing until the end!

Catering to Players of All Levels

Whether you are a seasoned blackjack player or new to the game, Choice21 Blackjack caters to all levels of expertise. The wide array of exciting side bets ensures that everyone can have fun and enjoy a thrilling gaming experience.

The Unique Gameplay of Choice21 Blackjack

Choice21 Blackjack is a variant that combines elements of blackjack and Three Card Poker. During each round, the player makes three equal bets: two bets for two blackjack hands and one bet on the Three Card Poker hand, similar to Pair Plus, the usual bonus bet in Three Card Poker.

The player is dealt three cards to begin their hand, which are used for Three Card Poker and their blackjack hands. Payouts are determined based on the poker hands the player receives, offering various winning combinations.

After the Three Card Poker side bet, the player proceeds to the blackjack portion of the game. One of the dealt cards is placed on hand #1, the second on hand #2, and the third in between both cards. This middle card is used for both hands throughout the round.

Playing with Favorable Blackjack Rules

Choice21 Blackjack adheres to regular blackjack rules, making it favorable and player-friendly. The rules include the following:

  • Blackjack pays 3-2
  • The dealer stands on 17
  • Players can double any two cards
  • Double after split is allowed
  • Up to four hands can be split
  • Aces can be split only once, with only one card dealt
  • Surrender is not allowed
  • Insurance is offered when the dealer shows an Ace

With such player-friendly rules and the added excitement of side bets, Choice21 Blackjack is an excellent game for those seeking to play multiple hands and enjoy endless entertainment.

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