Gamblers Anonymous UK

Gamblers Anonymous UK

A problem gambling self-help group where recovering addicts support existing sufferers, helping them to overcome gambling addiction.

Gamblers Anonymous (GA) is a responsible gambling body, consisting of a society of men and women who form self-help groups to assist anyone with a gambling addiction. Treating this addiction as an illness, members gather in encounter groups across the UK lending support to one another in an effort to break their habit.

The first stage of any addiction is to recognize the problem. Once this has been established, the group therapy can begin. GA leverages on the belief that it takes one to know one, and GA groups comprise individuals who have either broken their own gambling addiction or who are on their way to doing so.

Following the successful formula of alcoholic anonymous, GA provides a list of signs that compulsive gamblers can use to determine whether they have a problem with gambling addiction. Once recognized, the next stage is to join one of the many GA groups around the country where help is at hand.

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