Barcode Santander is a voucher payment solution ideal as an alternative for those not interested in using credit cards.

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Santander is a Spanish Bank Group which is the largest bank in the Eurozone by market value. The company caters to over 102 million customers with branches all over the world, from Europe to Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas. One of the services Santander offers is Barcode Santander, a convenient and safe payment by voucher system which is ideal for those who are not interested in using credit cards for their transactions.

Using Barcode Santander

Processing payments with Barcode Santander is a fairly easy affair. Using the service, the payer enters his RUT (national identification number) online and then a unique barcode is created for his use.

The barcode then serves as a payment slip – it is to be printed and brought to one of the many outlets (over 10,000) which work with Barcode Santander, where the payer pays the allocated amount of cash. Then after this step is made, the funds usually show up in the payer's online account within 24 hours following the payment.


Using Santander's payment by voucher solution is ideal for those who don't have or are not interested in using credit cards. While the actual process of transacting the funds to the desired account is a tad longer than other payment methods, with Barcode Santander one can be sure that his credentials are not shared with any third party, this is due to the fact no details are given to the outlet where the voucher is checked in thanks to the barcode system.

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