Temporary prepaid or physical MasterCards can be easily acquired from PAY.COM, which is widely accepted by online gambling operators.

PAY.COM is a provider of payment services that can be used either online or offline. Fundamentally, the aim of PAY.COM is to disrupt the traditional banking model and give users greater freedom in order to complete their various purchases. The operation of PAY.COM can be traced back to SafeCharge Limited.

Prepaid and Physical MasterCards

With PAY.COM, users have the ability to acquire a MasterCard that is available as a prepaid virtual card or else a physical one. In either case, it is possible for users to take their MasterCard details and complete payments with an array of eCommerce sites, including online gambling operators.

The convenience of PAY.COM is that the MasterCard is designed for single use, which means that users are free from the complexity of fees. In addition, users get to change their details frequently, which also helps them to stay safe online. Each MasterCard is activated and can then be shut down once the funds have been utilised.

Digital Dashboard Tracks Spending

PAY.COM goes above and beyond to maximise user safety, with the online interface designed to utilise real-time risk analysis and provide warnings to players. As such, any incoming transfers are going to be communicated to users via email or SMS notifications, depending on the preference of each user.

A further aspect of PAY.COM is the financial management dashboard. This is where all user transactions are clearly listed out across a variety of tables to break down spending. PAY.COM has comprehensively designed the dashboard for the tracking of spending on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for complete user awareness.

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