First Steps in Online Gambling

First Steps in Online Gambling

You've heard all the noise about online gambling and you'd like to give it a shot. But before you jump in, take a look at our step-by-step guide to this fascinating new gaming experience.

Online gambling has finally reached the shores of the United Kingdom, and you're looking for a piece of the action. You may know the rules of roulette or poker, but take a moment to read our step-by-step guide on how to get started in the first place.

Step one: locate an online casino

It won't take you long to discover that there are hundreds, if not thousands of online casinos on the Internet, and locating the right one can be quite a challenge. The best way to find value for money is by checking out the recommended casinos on our website. We've done all the hard work for you by locating the best gaming sites that cater specifically to UK players, abide by UK regulations and serve the local currency.

Our reviews explain each casino's terms and conditions as well as the individual payment systems available. Note also the requirements for initial deposits and withdrawal limits when you want to take out your winnings. And yes, we made sure the sites accept British pounds. This will help you avoid any currency transfer charges, which can seriously add up to the tab.

Step two: software download

Virtually every online casino will require you to download their software before you start playing games on their sites. This is a simple process, which is normally performed in a few short minutes. The software packages are small and once you have installed them, you won't need to do so again.

To download the software, click on the link that appears on the homepage of each casino. You will be asked for a location on your computer to save the file, and we recommend that this is your desktop area, where you installation icon will then appear.

Step three: software installation

After downloading the casino software, the next step is to install it. Click on the installation icon, which starts an installation wizard. You will be asked for a location for the files. Here too we recommend you choose the desktop.

Select the default values for the remainder of the installation and within a few minutes your software is installed. When this is done, click on the new casino icon and you will be taken directly to the casino.

Step four: open your casino account

When you arrive at the doors of your casino, you will be asked to open a casino account. There are two possible types of account - guest accounts, for players who just want to play the games without gambling, and real money accounts, for players who want to gamble. Each account offers the same access to the games, but the real money account enables you to place wagers.

Guest accounts will be asked for a username and a genuine email address. Provide this information without concern - it is merely to exclude scammers and people who might damage the site. In a guest account, cash amounts are used, but they're just for the purpose of playing the games. No actual money changes hands.

With real money accounts you are required to supply your banking information. This includes your bank details, home address, and identity verification information. Once you have entered this information, you will be asked which payment method you would like to use. This can be a simple credit card transaction, or you may select from a number of online payment systems. Check out a few of these, and go with the one that feels most flexible.

Note the real money account set up involves you inputting information at each step - there is no automatic process. This is to provide you with the maximum control over any financial transaction you have with the online casino.

Step five: off to the races!

After you have installed the casino software and set up your guest or real money account, the casino is open for business! You will be taken to the casino lobby from where you can select the games you want to play. Even if you're an experienced casino game player, do check out the online casino rules for each game, just in case there are any special house rules you should be aware of.

Oh, and one final step - enjoy yourself!

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