Low Limit Baccarat

Play the perfect high rolling game with minimal funds.

Low limit baccarat may seem contradictory when first heard since it was originally played by royalties, nobilities, and casino big shots. However, it is currently designed to be played by casual players all around the world. Baccarat is an old casino game but is still attractive and highly rewarding.

Online Casinos Offering Low Limit Baccarat Games

By playing low limit baccarat, players can enjoy the excitement of the three kinds of bets: player, tie, and banker bets. The rules in playing low limit baccarat are just the same as that of high limit baccarat. This basically means that the house edge on the player bets is 1.24 percent, 14 percent for the tie bets, and 1.06 percent for the banker bets. Remember that if you bet on the banker bets, the house will take 5 percent from the total winning payouts.

The main reason why you do not see a lot of low limit baccarat games in typical casinos is that space is a major factor. Casinos would rather put slots machines, craps tables, and roulette tables with higher house edge. However, low stake baccarats dominate online casinos since space is not a factor when it comes to online gaming.

Still, the advantages and disadvantages of playing low limit casino games should still be considered. For instance, both high limit baccarat and normal games of baccarat offer better payout than that of low limit baccarat. This case is widely known as “lower expectation” in the gambling world. There are also other games based on this such as the mini-baccarat game which enables players of wide variety to join in the cost of lower payouts.

Even though baccarat is an old game, the rules and policies of this game are very simple. In fact, an expert gambler once said that the game is so much easier than betting on the coin toss game.

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