High Limit Video Poker

Quickly learn everything you wanted to know about high limit video poker games.

The video poker, a game employing skills and strategies, is currently one of the most famous games in both land-based casinos and online casinos. Players of this game make use of their skills, intelligence, and strategy to create a five card hand combination with the highest possible ranking. Casual video poker games enable traditional players and low rollers to have fun while playing these games.

A lot of players are enjoying high limit video poker due to all of the numerous rewards and advantages it offer. Some of the advantages of playing high limit video poker are grater pay-outs, exclusive rewards, and the notable VIP treatment. On the contrary, players should take into account the peaks and valleys of playing this game as well as the management of their bankrolls. On the positive side, machines used for playing high limit video poker are taking pride of their excellent pay tables accompanied by greater prizes for players.

One good technique to employ while playing a high limit video poker game is to take into account your losses and wins every hour since a formula can be developed to determine your bankroll with such great accuracy. In order to calculate your prospective bankroll, determine your mean bet size then multiply it by the number of hourly bet. The result should then be multiplied by the house edge. The figure you have generated represents your highly possible hourly loss when playing a high limit video poker game. This formula is also applicable to a game of low limit video poker.

In order for you to understand the mathematics more, let us consider an example. For instance, you play with 100 hands hourly and each bet costs 100 dollars. If the house edge on the video poker is 0.5%, 100 x 0.5% x 100 dollars = 50 dollars loss every hour. The incorporation of an effective management of bankrolls is one of the most necessary things to consider when playing high limit video poker.

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